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brown spot

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Alright.. I'm 15, and back in grade 9 (this happened 5, 6 months ago). I saw two under-the-skin pimple rising, so i decided to squeeze the shit out of them.. BAD IDEA!!! I squeezed them, and they both got red and left two marks. Now, one went away pretty much completely, no one can notice it, and the other one turned brownish, it was pretty dark, but it's getting lighter... but what I want to know is... Is it scarred? (BTW, a lot of people are telling me that it wont scar... My dad, my mom, my bro, friends... but I don't even know if they know what the hell they're talking about =/)

http://www.geocities.com/AndyS138/Andy03.jpg <=== It's right under my lip, that's it, except now it's lighter.

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hmm your only 15, you should recover in no time. Ive had some acne when i was 16 or so..yes i did pop them..and yes they did leave a brownish mark. But after a month or so they disapeared.

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Yeah but bro... The mark is still there after like 6 months... It gets better and better each month, but will it stop at a point, or heal until the skin is the same color as the rest of my face?

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