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Liver Pills Working

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I dont know if it all in my head but my face looks different. its not red. i find myself going to the bathroom alot and also drinking lots of water. iam not using anything for my face only watm water and soap to wash it and the liver pills. seriously i think its to soon to see results but i dont know. so far so good lets see what happen. Oh today i took a HUGE SHIT i mean it was HUGE it was one of those that u dont want to flush cause u want to take a picture of it, whats awesome is that it didnt break apart like it always does it was just one really big piece just thought i let u know.

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LooL..Yep its working. You have bigger poops, pee alot from the water, and just to warn you Juan, when you try to eat junk food you will start to feel sick! Thats your body warning you so dont try it ! :lol: Its best if you stay on this process for more than a month ( takes some discipline ) but worth it! Ppl do it for a while then when they start eating normal again all their acne comes back. This is becuz they didnt fully clean out their liver. People do these cleanings once each yr, and it lasts a year if you really clean it out! First what will happen you will get rid of that crap in your liver...Acne will become less. Than later your blemishes will be healing faster. You will sleep better and have more energy. There are tonnes of reasons to do this. Keep it up and dont get lazy and stop! :wink:

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what are the pills called?, i want to give a try. Does it work on 16 year old teenagers does it work in the teenager stage and does it work for hormonalic acne?

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