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i may be a newbie, but i dont understand why my post was removed- it was a pretty valid point i thought about having dry skin and acne scars. i've actually gone through over 100 post topics and found not much related to my problem on the best regimes for dry skin and acne scars (indented, not just red ones), especially topicals. I've had my own demons and depressions, i mean i guess most of us here do, i don;t know why mine was thought irrelevant. huh.gif i did receive one reply (thanks) but then the post vanished!

i would love to have oily skin again, I've had OCD which has made my skin irreccably dry and i;m really upset because *i* made it so much worse & I'm too embarassed to even go to a dermatologist because of a bad experience with a doctor that basically wanted to ignore my concerns so they could order lunch over the phone. You can't teach compassion. so, this site got me brave again, and i dont understand why i was de-posted. anyways....

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The board was down for a couple of days, so i'm guessing that had something to do with it, its happened before in the past, and unfortunately a lot of post got deleted

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dindin, your post was deleted because it was stupid.

I'm just kidding tongue.gif - the last day or 2 of posts were lost due to an upgrade to the site.

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