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Regimen: Dtooa - 95% clear

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First off i'd like to say that my clear percentage (95%) is a true and honest estimation. I am not just preaching because i want my name to be discussed all over this forum because of this new regimen i have made, which most definitely works for me. I would say this regimen is fine for mild acne.

The regimen is simple, and is easily available to UK and USA users


C&C Oil Free Deep Cleansing Cream Wash

A tea tree based face wash

Apply BP Cream/gel of your choice


C&C Oil Free Deep Cleansing Cream Wash

A tea tree based face wash

Apply BP Cream/gel of your choice


If you can't handle BP cream/gel very well and are looking to start off slow and slowly increase the dosage, use a 20% home made tea tree moisturiser in place of the times where you don't use BP cream/gel:

2 Parts pure tea tree oil

3 Parts OIL FREE moisturiser

I must stress this step is only opptional and don't feel as if you must do it when you don't use BP cream/gel, It works fine without as well.

(I personally cannot tolerate BP very well at all and i only use it once at night every 2 days, my skin gets sooo dry!)

So just to clarify, wash with the C&C Blackhead clearing scrub, rinse off, then wash with the tea tree wash. The reason I have not listed the actual brand of the tea tree wash i use is because i feel this is not overly important, just make sure you dont get a cheap and nasty one.

It is not important because the tea tree wash main job is to EMULSIFY the remains of the C&C wash, which is of a creamy consistency. Many times I hace tried using the C&C wash alone, and it broke me out because the cream is difficult to wash off properly with water alone (and hence pore clogging). Just because you cant see any remains of cream, doesn't mean there is none there.

I soon realised this and came across botchla's regimen, which also used a second, non cream based wash to remove traces of the c&c. This was a BP cleanser.

I know this is a very long winded post but bare with me

I noticed that many people who use this botchlas regime use BP cream or gel after the 2 washes. I wondered if the BP cleanser was taken away and replaced with a less harsh one, maybe it would do more good than bad.


So i made this regimen on the basis of botchlas and found it to work very well for me. The bottom line is I think the use of any second cleanser, what ever you use, compliments the c&c cream wash and the use of a tea tree wash (tea tree is antibacterial and antiinflammitery) compliments it even more because it does not dry.

I have maybe 1 or 2 tiny active whiteheads on my nose after using this regimen for 2 weeks.

Thanks everyone for reading and hope you have success!

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