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My Tca Cross At Home Experience - Positive

I tried posting this before but I dont think it went trough.

I did lots of needling before, but some scars did not respond. Decided to try TCA during a moment of desperation

Bought 100% TCA. Mixed it with water to about 70%, and proceeded to apply with a toothpick to a scar on my arm (to test)

The scar had a very deep hole (hard to get the toothpick in there) with a lot of dead tissue all around.. after that, dilluted to aout 50 % and applied to some burn scars on my arm (dark spots that have been there for 2+ years)

Frosted, hurt somewhat.. Looked really bad for a week or more.. I didnt care since its just my arm

After the scabs came off (10 days or 2 weeks?) the deep/bad scar was much shallower, and not even red. The other scar was much lighter. Suceess. Next step = try on my face.

Tried it on one boxcar scar on the forehead that was not responding to needling, and to a larger rolling scar on forehead that was 3 years old and better than at first but still noticiable.

Applied about 70% solution to both.. Both scabs came off prematurely - drying my face with a towel, etc etc made them come off... Were red for a long while (3 weeks?) After 3 weeks or so, I began to notice that the boxcar scar is definitely more shallow (60+ % improvement?) The other scar is pretty much the same, only perhaps redder... It has too much missing tissue underneath, I think. (what to do in these cases??)

I am waiting for a time when I have privacy to do this again on my other scars... Hoping to basically be able to forget about scars for good once its all done, although I may repeat the TCA and or needling one or two times more before i call it quits

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havefaith, well done on taking all the necessary precautions. Can we expect photos at some point?

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