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Unclog Pores With Aloe Discovery

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Been a viewer of these forums for ages, mostly sucking in the info and rarely having time to put any out, but accidentally discovered something that it would be a shame to not share.

Now, warning, I am a story-teller... So if you want to read about how and why Aloe works to remove oil clogs and blackheads from your pores, read the story. But if you simply want the step-by-step process, just skip to the bottom ;)

For years I have been one of those "jojoba oil, grapeseed oil" users, in attempt to lessen my oil production and to help unclog my pores. My previous methods were wash, massage oil in, remove excess, and moisturize, and it did wonders for everything except clogged pores, I.E., blackheads (whether obviously visible, or barely seen). Recently however, I had my local health-store-lady yelling at me for using moisturizers, and demanding that I attempt only Aloe. (She's very convincing... sometimes even removing products you thought you wished to buy from your hands, and replacing them with what She thinks you need). So, mainly to to escape the lady, I agreed and bought pure organic aloe gel. Did my normal wash and massage in oil routine, following the oil with a thin layer of Aloe. It absorbed & dried so quickly however that I decided to apply another layer on top. However when I attempted this, something oddd happened... The previous aloe starting "pilling" up in little hard-bead like clumps. My first thought was "ewww, I guess its not absorbing into my skin after all..." But then I looked at the little aloe bead things, and realized upon closer examination, that it was actually hardened sebum! The aloe had literally attached itself to the clogs in my pores, and then when messaging my face with another layer of aloe, pulled out almost all of the clogs, leaving me with virtually clear pores, instantly! I was shocked, and in doubt. Used a bright light to closely examine my pores, only to realize the majority of them truly were clear. It even pulled out some very dark and gross blackheads that had been stuck for months! So I continued this every evening before bed and soon the pores were unclogging even quicker. I've refined my methods since discovering this a few months ago, and the method for those wishing to try it are as follows:


1. Cleanse face per usual.

2. Apply aloe in extremely generous amount over entire face (I use Lily Of the Desert, even with other ingredients, seems to work the best. Aloe that is not pure and the first ingredient, won't work)

3. Let aloe completely dry until skin feels kinda stiff. If there is excess, dab it off.

4. Choose a massaging-component, I use Jojoba or Grapeseed oil. Can use water or more aloe, but doesn't seem to work nearly as well.

5. Use a small amount of massager on fingers, and softly massage into skin. Once skin is very moist, become more vigorous. You are literally massaging the clogs out of your pores, so light massaging just won't cut it. (this won't work if you have open wounds, cystic acne, or similar issues).

5. You should have so many clogs coming out of your pores (depending on how clogged up your pores are) that you will have to wipe the clogs off onto toilet paper just to continue.

6. Massage all areas of face. Yes, your fingers and hands, are going to get very tired.

7. Once you are no longer having the clogs come out onto fingers, your done! Wash face again to remove any leftover clogs and oil.

8. Moisturize or continue with normal regiment.

(TIP) Steam your face to get your pores open after cleansing face and before applying aloe. Aloe will better take hold of clogs.

(HINT) Clear pores,equals a clear face!!!! (This doesn't however seem to prevent hormonal/diet or cystic acne that takes place way deep under the skin.

I cannot guarantee that this will work for others, but am very curious to see if it does, as it has done absolute wonders for my skin. I am 20 and have battled acne since I was 12. Only acne issue I have now is the occasional hormonal/diet outbreak, and those horrid chin-blackheads. For some reason, doesn't seem to work on my chin....


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No, not a thick gel. You essentially want to get the purest form of aloe, that is still in gel form (fully pure is drinkable-thin, don't want this), but its not going to be very thick. Goes on like a moisturizer, and dries slightly stiff. Drying a little stiff is important, for that means it has grabbed onto everything. Plus, too thick of a gel will flake off, rather than soak in and absorb. Aloe 80 is a great brand...

Also, the newest thing I've added which you may want to try, is to have a second bottle of organic aloe, and mix it evenly with braggs apple cider vinegar and use as a toner. It disinfects, cleans, moisturizes and clears all at once. I've been able to eliminate using both a moisturizer and a cleanser when using this lil concoction. However do not use before unclogging your pores with the above aloe method, for this will tighten up your pores nicely, thus preventing the aloe from grabbing hold of the oil clogs.

My face, for the first time in over 8 years, is almost Completely clear! Tone has become even, and have even achieved a slight natural tan and blush. I work long 10+ hour shifts waitressing outside at a restaurant, and thus have big issues with over- oil-production and lack of necessary facial cleansing. And yet, with these new additions, the only acne I am getting is the occasional teeny whitehead, which disappears within a day or 2. And for those, I am going to try some very basic calamine lotion tonight... Heard incredible things about this product for pulling junk to the surface, which I definitely need after a long day of work.... Goodluck!

****************My Regimen


Wash with basic cleanser, salicylic acid or BP to remove makeup and top layer of junk.

Rinse with warm water for 5 minutes to open pores.

Lightly dry and use Aloe un-clogging method.

Wash with Aloe/ACV treatment


Leave on application of Aloe/ACV

Just PM: Apply and leave on basic calamine lotion to T-Zone and sleep.

Wake up late, become joyful with clear face, and be able to sprint out the door to work, without worry or unnecessary makeup. :)

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do you use Aloe juice combined with ACV to tone with or the gel you mentioned by Lily of the Dessert? I have used straight Aloe from a plant leaf mixed with some glacier water and it does nothing to hydrate and in fact feels more dry. I have tried aloe juice by Lily of the Dersert mixed with green tea as a toner to help fade red marks but it hasnt helped. Im mainly trying to decongest my chin pores. They are somewhat large and get hard pieces of sebum stuck daily. Ive been dealing with it for 3 yrs and cannot get it under control. Cleansers that are too emollient clog and most others are too drying and then make the clogs worse. Mine are like hard milia type white bumps that are wedged in the crease so tightly. They look close to the surface but are not and If try and extract them it only makes an open wound and the plug is still there...Im almost 45 yrs old and am on the brink over this...any suggestions would be a lifesavor.

Is this the gel you use: http://www.lilyofthedesert.com/our_products/item/aloe-80-organics-skin-soothing-aloe-vera-gel/56

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ok so i tried this and nothing happened. when i was massaging my face no clumps or clogs came off- nothing happened. i was just rubbing oil over my face. i followed your advice exactly. the only thing i can think of is that i used a different brand of aloe vera to you. i used holland and barrets organic aloe vera gel which is a light gel. i rubbed for a good 2 mins am i suppose to do it for longer?

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I tried it with grapessed oil and the actual aloe vera plant.. Too soon to see results yet..

Has anyone had success with this?


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