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Lump Inside Earlobe. Please Help!

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I have a rather large lump inside my earlobe. It started out really small, and didn't pain me at all. In the last few days it has become swollen and hurts A LOT!

It's inside my earlobe and when I try to pop it nothing happens. It doesn't look like there's any little hole for the puss to come out like normal pimples. So I concerned that it's a cyst. And if it is one, I have no idea what to do.

If I look closely in the mirror in looks like some kind of bruise and is purple.

Can anyone please help me with this?

Thank you in advance. smile.png

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It's very likely that it is a cyst, quite a few people get them there too. I would visit a doctor to get a better diagnosis and if it is a cyst they can do a injection.

I have no idea what the causes are, but some people who wear ear piercings and don't keep the hole clean can get an injection around that area.

Hope this helps! smile.png

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I've gotten this before... I know that this isn't what youre supposed to do, but this is what I did...

I basically squeezed it from the front and back of my earlobe as if I was trying to make it flat and it popped but like inside my earlobe. nothing ever came out, but I felt the cyst burst. Fast forward a few weeks and it's back. I did the same thing again and it burst internally again. It hasn't been back since then and that was about a year ago.

I've had sebaceous cysts before on my finger joints and it felt the same as that. I wonder if I had one in my ear. You could never tell it was there from looking at it even after it had burst, but I could feel it. Before it burst it was really painful.

But yeah... it's probably better to see a dermatologist about it haha

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I have two in each earlobe. I most of the time they aren't active but if I make the mistake of absent-mindedly playing with one they swell up within hours. NEVER EVER try to pop it! that will just end in you being miserable for longer. either wait for it to go down to by itself or get it lanced. I hope it gets better soon, just wait it out :)

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