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Dermastamping/rollings So Confused

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I am reading the thread but its so confusing. I want to start but just do not know where. Can someone please help me? I have my pics attached in the other thread and I know I want something where I do it each month rather then each day because I have scars.

Please help.

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Depends on your scars. Post a picture? DIfferent needle lengths correspond to how deep/what kind of scarring you have.

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If you are doing it to break up and fill scars rather than for better penetration of topicals, you may want a 1.5 mm roller or stamp. Which one you use is a matter of personal preference. Rollers are good for larger areas; stamps are better for smaller areas. I prefer the stamp because it doesn't tug and pull as much on my skin. You may want to start with a shorter roller/stamp like a 1.0 mm just to get used to it. Either way, just stamp/roll until you are red and probably a little bloody.

People with just a few scars sometimes prefer to use diabetic needles or tattoo needles to treat the individual scars.

Topicals are also a matter of preference. Topicals people have used in conjunction include copper peptides, Vitamin C serum, retinoids and others. My understanding is the retinoids are best used before rolling/stamping, not after. The others you can use after. I just use Vitamin C serum.

Some people use light emitting diodes in the hopes of increasing collagen production.

Everyone's skin reacts differently, so you just have to figure out what works for you.

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Don't use retin-a along with derma rolling! Retin-a can't be used in conjunction with it. Retin-a is for another day in regards to derma rolling. In order to get any sort of procedure done to your face, in terms of a scar treatment, you actually have to stop using retin-a for a while before and after the procedure. Now I don't know the details of why, but that's what I know! So from that statement, I think you can see Retin-a and derma rolling don't go together. That being said, you should try and find out the specific times of stopping using retin-a before and after, because if I were you, I'd be using it daily until you start your derma rolling procedures. It is honestly the best cream for anti-aging/scar benefits.

Here's a page with instructions on how to use retin-a from a dermatologist who says she's used it for over 25 years.


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You should not use retin-a with dermarolling. If you google for dermarolling articles by Dr. Des Fernandes, he talks about using vitamin A (which as a category includes retinoids) and vitamin C. As I recall he does not use retin-a but retinyl palmitate (an oil based version). I just found an oil-based cream from Garden of Wisdom that includes vitamins A, C and E I am looking forward to trying.

Here is a link to one of his articles. You may find it helpful: http://www.abme.com....axilofacial.pdf

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