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What Could Be This Redness Under My Nose Be? Chemical Peel Worsened It.

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For the last several years i've had this little red patch directly under my nose, I am male so i have stubble that grows and in the area that is red. The stubble will often grow with no color, it's simply white. (i'm 27 and have brown hair). It's really only a couple of strands that always grow white and i recently started plucking them out so it doesn't look weird.

Around a month ago I did a 25% TCA chemical peel on my face, a full face peel, it went well, except for the moustache area, I applied the acid in two circular areas just below my nose. Big mistake that was, now i've got two circular red patches there that won't go away and they look exactly the same as the red patch that i've had just below my nose for several years. The rest of my face has healed up just fine, it's just in the area underneath my nose, close to the red area i've had for years where instead of healing, it's left me with two new red patches.

I've tried hydrocortisone cream that the doctor gave me and it doesn't make any difference to the redness.

The red area isn't exactly sore, it doesn't even seem dry and it's not flakey, no spots etc. It's just red.

What could this be? For the red patch under my nose to be there for several years without going away, and now two more red patches appear on either side of it where i applied the chemical peel, it's quite obvious those red patches are not going to go away.

I'm just stumped with figuring out what is causing this and if there's a way to treat it.

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it's only really 2 or 3 strands that are white, also at the side where two new patches formed after i did the chemical peel there is no white hairs there.

I'm wondering if it's a fungal infection of some sort. Wouldn't that explain why it got worse in the nearby areas that i put the chemical peel on?

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I was going to reccomend hydrocortise for you as it has done wonders in my facial redness which is located under my eyes nest to my nose both side of my face. i now have even skin in that area. ALL in 4 days of use!

Since you have already tried, this does not apply, however i would reccomend you giving it another shot!

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