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Red Red Go Away...

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Hello world,

First time poster here and thank you for your help in advance!

I never had problems with acne and have been very fortunate in having wonderful skin for most my life. Now I'm 25 and I'm starting to seriously break out. The biggest problem isn't the pimples itself, it's the stupid red marks that follow. Before these redmarks would fade very quickly. Now after my pimples fade these red marks sure do take their time...

I'm talking months here...

My biggest and brightest concern is a pimple I popped myself (I know, huge mistake) on my NOSE. I took a hot shower to open up my pores, used peices of tissue got all the deliciousness out and not suprisingly it left a red mark. NO pit or depression or bump or anything, just a red mark on the surface of skin. It doesn't hurt or feel different at all, it's just RED.

It's been almost 3 months now and i don't really see any real significant improvement in terms of fading. Im a pale male with fair skin plus I'm Asian so the mark on my nose stands out. I also have quite a few blackheads on my nose as well if that matters.

Do marks on the nose take longer compared to the rest of face?

Could it be an infected blackhead or something of that nature? Or hyper pigmentation? Or acne scar?

What I worry about most is if this mark will ever go away naturally? Am I stuck looking like Rudolph the rednose reindeer forever!? I bought hydro quinine the other day but il only use it as a last resort. I also apply SPF 15 on every morning.

Are these redmarks permanent? If not is there anything I can do to speed up this process (naturally preferred)?

Help out acne bro, thanks.

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Find an asthetition at a spa that does chemical peels. I found one that is cheap and I get jessner peels with derm abrasion every month or two. They charge about 1 /4 of what a dermotolgist would charge.

Jesner peels instantantly get rid of the redness in my scars.

I have had about 4 and it also took care of all the oily skin and acne and blackheads

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