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Cyst On Top Huge Imflammed Mound

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I just got a cyst for the first time in months sad.png It started out as usual, a small area that was really tender to touch, you know you can just feel them coming. When I just checked the mirror I noticed that not only is there a little cyst bump, but the WHOLE area around the cyst is completely inflammed! The raised area is around the cyst about the size of a poker chip.

I've NEVER experienced this. It's freaking me out so bad. I dont know what to do, it must be really noticeable. Is this something different than cystic acne? Allergic reaction? I've been using the same stuff on my skin for months! And I eat really cleanly!

So disturbed. Oh and it hurts a lot.

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I just happen to have one of those awful painful atomic pimples myself. Mine is on my right temple and damn, its horrific. Im thinking of going to the Derm and getting a cortisone shot, but I dont know if I wanna pay the money. It hurts like hell and its huge and inflamed. I have'nt had one of these things for months, but I guess it was my time to get one again.crazy.gif Best of luck that yours goes away quick!

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Yes that has happened to me twice. The area underneath the cyst was inflamed HUGE. The cyst was resting on a huge inflamation just like yours size of poker chip or even bigger. People were asking me if I got punched in the face. I did not touch it at all. Left it to heal naturally, and it cleared in two weeks without a trace. Very important DO NOT MESS WITH IT, these are the worst type of inflamations, the first one because I popped it left HUGE hypertropic scar.

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