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Scared To Go Off Birth Control :\

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Being on Loestrin 24 fe birth control has completely transformed my skin. Well at least, I think that's the reason.

I've been on it for a year and during this time I've made many changes: i've started eating better, exercising more, drinking more tea, taking a supplement that includes skin supporting minerals and started a regimen that consists of only natural products.

Along with my dietary changes I've cut out all dairy, and more recently, gluten. I haven't made these changes due to acne, as many people do. I made these changes because I have a lot of digestive problems.

So - my digestive problems. Within the last two months I've been experiencing chronic nausea. My skin looks great, but I feel horrible. I think that my nausea is due to being on the pill.

So tomorrow, I'm going to my gyno to talk about possibly going off the pill. I can't be feeling like this anymore, feeling nauseous everyday.

But - I'm nervous that I'm going to have a horrible break out.

So my questions are...

1. I've been on the pill for a year and my skin's only been completely clear for about 3 months (after I went dairy free & started my new regimen). Do you think that means my clear skin ISN'T FROM THE PILL?

2. Is there any way to avoid a possible breakout when stopping the pill? :\ (I know probably everyone asks that question.)


I just want to feel good...and look good. Is that too much to ask :(

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In my experience the only time I have had clear skin was when I was on birth control. Mine was hormonal. Personally I think most acne is. I have seen so many people who have tried everything and then go on birth control and then their acne goes away after several months.

I have been on and off birth control since I was 18. I am 39 now. The only time I stopped was to have 2 children. The only time has skin has been completely clear is while on birth control. After my first daughter was born I went back on the pill when she was 3-4 months old. But whatever pill my gyno put me on didn't agree with me and made me mean. So I decided to go off of it because my husband couldn't take my moods. My skin was fine for 6 monts or so. Then it went crazy. It was awful. The worst it has ever been. At the time I didn't make the birth control clear skin connection. So I tried all kinds of topicals. Nothing worked. Then I changed gynos and when I went to see my new one he suggested I take ortho tri cyclen because it had just been approved for acne. This was around 1998 or so. I was reluctant because of my past experience , but decided to try it. The ortho agreed with me. I didn't have the mood swings like it did with the other pill and my face started clearing up. It got completely clear after several months and stayed that way. I took the ortho until I was 35, only going off once more to have my 2nd daughter. Then going back on 3-4 months later. I went off at age 35 because I had been on birth control for so long. I was really afraid my skin would freak out again, but this time it wasn't bad. I would get a few bumps here and there but it was manageable. Nothing like before. Then about two years ago I got to where I never get a bump. I guess my hormones finally leveled out. Actually I have one bump right now. But it isn't bad and I haven't had one in awhile. I can live with one or two bumps. Just not what I used to have. The acne I used to get was cysts and whiteheads. I have a few tiny scars from it. Not to noticeable unless I dont have on makeup.

So I wouldn't risk it if you are clear..

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