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I have completed my 6 Month Accutane Journey from July 21 2011 to December 21,

but I'm still breaking out. Acne is hereditary on my Mom's Side. She still has it.

My dermatologist really lost insight of what do due and prescribed me Ziana which was 350$ out of my pocket and said whoops when it made me breakout and damage my skin. So now I'm on Hydrocortizone Buyrate which if you have ever been on a facial steroid it has the same consistency as Vaseline and if you have ever put Vaseline on your Face it becomes whitehead city.

Can anyone provide me with a diet I should fallow and a new regimen?

I have dry flakey skin when it comes to benzyl peroxide no mater what moisturizer I use and it seems to make my breakouts worse.

I need a natural way of cleansing my skin.

I tend to use steam and warm compresses to open my pores and that seems to work great.

I have tried all the OTC Acne kits (including Proactive) I've had acne since Third Grade and I'm a Junior in High School now, I think it's time for me to lose my acne and get a clean face once and for all.

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Can you do another round of accutane? Sometimes it takes two rounds to make things better. For some of us acne comes back anyway but you might be one of the lucky ones that beats it. Regardless, you are still very young and in the midst of raging hormones so it is sometimes harder to get things under control. It takes patience and trying different treatments recommended by your derm. Takes trial and error. The fact that your mom still has it means that you have a hereditary thing going on that leans toward resistant chronic acne. You will have to be even more diligent about following through with treatment regimes and be willing to try different things! I would say that you need to be going to a dermatologist and that you will have best success that way. You could try OTC Salicylic Acid regimes or BP regimes but it sounds like you have sensitive skin. Prescription treatments are usually better if you have sensitive skin. You could avoid dairy products...but then you need to take calcium. At your age you should only be doing that with the help of your parents and doctors. Why? Because your body is still growing and you need to eat a balanced diet. Can you talk with your folks about this?

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