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Little White Bumps Only In One Place. Picture!

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Okay so I have these little white bumps on my temple... I've noticed they've been there only since around about Christmas, so, 3 or so months... They don't hurt, they don't itch, they just stay exactly like that and I've never had them before!? I don't have them anywhere else on my face or body, but, there is actually one or two that I noticed this week, coming up in exactly the same place on the other side.

My skincare regime is simply to wash once per night with Olay Regenerist Cleanser, and then wash with water in the morning. I find that moisturizer makes my skin too oily, and have stopped using it since 6 or so months ago, and my skin is fine without it as I also regularily exfoliate with a baby brush, 3 or so times a week. Including in these areas.

What exactly are these, and how do I get rid of them? I can't seem to pop them either, and I don't want to try because it kinda hurts when I do try...

Any help or advice is very much appreciated!



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I had something similar to yours, but they were much bigger and only three. Never decreased in size so I went to get them extracted and now they're gone! In addition, I had about 10ish or so appear clustered up like yours, I decided not to wait and went and got those extracted a few days after they appeared. They never returned, scarred, or left any marks.

EDIT: The first three I mentioned that I had were classified as "Milia"

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Interesting... I had heard about "milia" and googled the term, and they look similar... but some of these have a dark center, like a blackhead, but not like a blackhead, if that makes sense? :S

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