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Scarring... Does it get better or worse with time?

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I've had fairly mild cystic acne for the past year, and it started easing up a couple months ago. The acne and red marks are basically gone now, and I've just begun to notice some light scarring.

I think they are icepicks and boxcars, they are fairly shallow.

I'm just wondering, will they get better with time and exfoliation?

I've also heard that as you get older and the collagen/elastin of your skin deteriotes, scars become worse and the un-noticeable ones become noticeable. True?

Thanks in advance smile.gif

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Everyone is different i guess. My scars have improved about 30-40% by themselves in the past 6 months. My scars are still quite red though so i do feel they are healing somewhat by themselves. Only time will tell.

Some peoples indented scarring does seem to heal by itself. Perhaps take Vitamin C tablets and Zinc daily to aid in the healing process.

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Hi, Like bern said, everyone is different. Atrophic scars do tend to look worse when you get older, but not more than other parts and pieces of the human body. sad.gif Shallow scars can sometimes go away totally, especially with treatment. Nice that your acne and red marks are gone. smile.gif

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