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Questions About Mineral Make-Up To Cover Acne And Scarring...

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My post's title says it all; so here are my burning questions regarding mineral make-up for acne-prone skin:

1) What brand and product line of mineral make-up works for you? (Example: If you use Meow Cosmetics, do you use the Purrr-fect, Pampered, or Flawless line?)

2) Did you try any mineral make-up that made your skin break out more? (Please specify the brand/product line.)

3) Do you find that mineral make-up alone--without any additional concealer--covers acne (bumps and red marks) fairly well?

4) Does mineral make-up tend to settle into indented scars and, thus, make them more noticeable? (That's a fear of mine.)

5) Are you able to apply mineral make-up over medication--e.g., Epi-Duo, BP, etc.? Or does mineral make-up applied over medication tend to make skin look flaky/scaly?

Thank you,


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Hi P.I. :)

I love Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up. I use the PurePressed powder. I had my colour matched up by a make up artist and it doesn't even look like I'm wearing make up at all. I never thought I would ever get this kind of coverage by a powder alone.

My skin is full of clogged pores, little bumps, closed comedones. And this covers it but the bumpy texture of my skin is still there of course. It covers up red marks amazingly well, and gives me an overall smooth and even complexion. I don't use any other concealer, just the powder. You can build it too for more coverage.

This make up will not settle into indented scars, or clog pores (which is why I wanted to give it a shot in the first place). The particles of the powder layer over eachother like fish scales. It has not made me break out.

The powder isn't cakey or flakey at all. I moisturize before I put on the powder, and I've never used it over top of medication... so I'm not sure how that would work. When I brush it on, some flakes appear on my skin (I'm on Accutane, and the brush aggravates the dry skin), but nothing major.

They also have liquid foundation, which I'm interested in trying but I am just so happy with the powder alone I don't think I need it. Check out the website and see if it's something you'd be interested in ( janeiredale.com ). It's a little expensive, but soooo worth it.

Take care!

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Hey P.I,

I have been using everyday minerals for 5/6 years now. I initially tried it because they used to (i'm not sure if they do now) offer a trial pack where you could sample 3 shades of foundation. This was extremely useful for me because i have always had difficulty matching my skin tone and because i wanted to see if it actually broke me out (i have reallllly sensitive skin)

Everyday minerals does not break me out.

I have box and ice-pick scars, pigmentation AND redness but find that it offers decent coverage, masking the redness and most of the pigmentation. If you want full coverage then i suppose you could use a concealer and then build the foundation on top as it is extremely build-able. I am satisfied with the coverage i get, using a flat top kabuki. It does sometimes settle in my scars though which is really annoying.

It lasts the whole day - literally from 8am to 10pm, i rarely touch up during the day.

Its cheap, at $12.99 and has a HUGE range of shades and formulations (matte, semi-matte, original glo, intensive) to choose from.

Above all, it does not break me out which is of paramount importance - i use it every single day. Also, i have tried bare essentials in the past and that did break me out - not cool.

Hope that helps xx

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Still not found one that works for me, tried Bare Essentials Bare Minerals after several recommendations but it broke me out badly.

Good luck with your search.

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