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My chin looks like it's been through a butcher shop. Besides the typical red bumps and whiteheads, I have this awful, painful, dime-sized, under the skin lump...like a handful of whiteheads decided to get inflamed all at once and merge together. My chin was really doing well and then this happened and I have no clue why. My skin is super flaky because I keep layering on Dan's BP. I had a minor breakout before this one, maybe I went overboard trying different topicals. I might have overused Queen Helene's mask products. I hope there's a reasonable explanation for this and not my chin acne coming back. I need to keep my routine simple (cleanse, Dan's BP, moisturize) but I freak out and add in other products like this SA Acnefree stuff and aloe and an astringent. Oy.

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Sounds like the result from overloading on some products. Try skipping a day from the products that irritated your skin. I've done it, it happens. Sometimes we get SO desperate to get rid of acne that we will do ANYTHING. Try not to freak out, especially if you're someone who is prone to stress related acne.

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I strongly believe stress and too much skin treatment can make your skin worse. Before I went on Accutane my skin always seemed to do better with less application of all that stuff we put on. That's only an opinion, though. Hope you clear up! :-)

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Agreed, some topicals are effective when used right, but I personally stay away from them entirely now. As the other guys said, going too heavy almost always has adverse effects.

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