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What Do You Think Of A Treatment With Resveratrol?

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did anybody have succes with resveratrolcreams against acne? What do you think of Clarifying System for Acne-prone Skin? Do you know maybe other topical means with resveratrol, which are used just again acne? Or can this have only a placeboeffekt?

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I know one person with moderate-severe acne who has tried this for about 6 months with little success (not too much improvement). Given: with no side effects either. To my knowledge, there's only one company selling an anti-acne resveratrol cream: Dermagist. Not exactly cheap, btw (about $70 for 1.7 oz.). All based on an Oxford study that used different strains of P.acnes bacteria in a laboratory setting (not tested on humans). In theory, it works very well.

If you've tried it all and want to try out something new (provided you can afford it), by all means: give it a go, but I wouldn't expect miracles.

[Edit] I found a small study in which a resveratrol hydrogel was tested on 20 humans: http://adisonline.co...tment_of.6.aspx. Looks promising.

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Yeah, thank you, looks really promising, but only if it is true smile.png

You don't trust Italian researchers? :P

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