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Looking For Some Natural Options...suggestions Please! :)

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Hey everyone,

I really appreciate any help or suggestions! rolleyes.gif

I've been using BP for awhile now...inconsistently, but still using it on a regular basis. It is effective against my acne, but it also dries me out like crazy and doesn't give me an appealing facial appearance (IMO). I'm gearing up for a complete drop of BP in my acne fighting regimen (which scares me) and starting to look at natural possibilities.

I've been working out consistently the last two months, started eating right, and am drinking tons of water. I'm also taking a multivitamin (Ultra Man), Calcium, Magnesium, & Zinc Supplement, and Fish Oil (Kirkland).

Along with these supplements and life style, what do you guys suggest I use for my face? I would love to hear what has worked for you guys and possibly some natural options. I heard tea tree oil is great. What I am most concerned about is giving my face that glow I've always wanted. I'd rather a few zits (preferably none ninja.gif ) and have "glowing" skin then to have the dried, harsh face I seem to carry these days.

Again, thanks for your help!!! I really appreciate it.

~ Erik

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Heres my opinion. Start washing your face with water only. You dont need a cleanser (FACT). Use a clean washcloth everytime. If you want, go to a derm and get FINACEA. It is an all natural azealic acid treatment that is comparable to benzoyl peroxide. Use the benzoyl anytime you think you need be. Please, DONT try and go all natural. It will NOT work for acne. I went for some tea tree soap n shit. I had a bad breakout. Dont do it brother. ANd dont get too far away from the BP. trust me.

If finacea keeps you clear. You will glow lkke the movie stars.

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CoppedSynergy has a point, Acne never really benefits from an ALL natural approach, that's why its considered a medical condition and lots of the drugs used are harsh.

Do you take any oral antibiotics or anything? As those can obviously reduce your need for topical treatments although normally they work hand in hand. So if you don't at the moment then maybe see if a course of that reduces your need for the BP?

Also, you say you use the BP inconsistently - Have you tried a lower % or tried doing it every other day and moisturising with an aqueous cream or similar so as to have the benefits of BP still but without overly drying your skin?

I may be mentioning things that you've already tried but I thought I'd say all the same.

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