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Holistic Rosacea Treatment?

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I'm not new to acne.org by any means. I had terrible acne that I cleared up with the Regimen, and I've stayed clear since.

However, recently something has been on my mind. My mom has rosacea, she's had it since she was 27. And right now, I'm only 19, but I know without a doubt I'm going to have the same rosacea as her, and what scares me is that I have all the symptoms now. I've always had problems with dilated blood vessels on my cheeks but recently I'm turning red on a hair trigger. And it stinks, because I got my acne under control and had a few blissful months of normal skin, and now this is happening.

I know it's not caused by the BP, because like I said my mom has the exact same symptoms as I do. She's been to dermatologists and spent money she didn't have to try to get treated and nothing worked. And I don't want to go through the same thing, I don't have money to waste like that.

My symptoms are in early stages, so I believe they must be treatable because I know if you catch it early on that is best. I wouldn't have even recognized what's going on if it weren't for my mom.

So has anyone here had success with any holistic method of treating rosacea? Here's what I'm looking for:

- an oral supplement to prevent it from going further, or

- an oral supplement to prevent inflammation (if that helps rosacea), or

- a topical treatment I can make at home that will reduce redness and inflammation

(or all of the above)

I'm considering trying probiotics, since in Dan's blog he mentioned that those with rosacea usually have problems with SIBO as well, which would make sense in the case of my family history since all the women in my family have problems with their GI tract and rosacea. Might kill 2 birds with one stone. Thoughts?

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Number 1 thing (most influential on rosacea and easiest to do) - stop using tap water on face. Tap water contains chlorine and other chemicals (mostly for desinfection) that can irritate skin. And facial skin is much more sensitive than body skin. Just buy low mineral water (montcalm, volvic, eldorado, etc), put some in a bowel and wash your face.

Number 2 - avoid all facial skin products. They too have lots of agressive chemicals that irritate your skin. Even the ones for "sensitive skin". You don't need any of them. Not even soap, any at all. Just wash your face with bottled water, as many times as you wish, and if it gets dry, put some pure glycerin, or pure fruit/nut oils (coconut oil is the best).

Number 3, and hardest, but also very effective - Wai Diet. This diet is the least inflammatory diet, so your rosacea will definitely go down (I'm a whole-face 2nd degree burn suffer, for 1 year I've had intense redness, and it went like 95% away after a few months of Wai Diet). Plus your skin will become less irritated, from being less burdened from the toxins from bad foods.

If you can't do Wai Diet, I advise to start eating more anti-inflammatory foods: all fruits, fruit juices, raw fatty fish, etc.

Start experimentating what gives you more rosacea and what gives you less (needless to say that stuff like chocolate and spices can flare it up a lot).

PS: BP might actually trigger rosacea. It irritates the skin, and anything that irritates the skin can trigger rosacea.

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