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Unsure On What To Do With My Antibiotic, Need Some Help.

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I've posted on this a few times in the past, but I'm looking for some more insight from you guys. I started Minocycline to treat cystic acne on my chin about 14 months ago. Over this time, my skin has remained pretty clear. I would get the occasional blemish but nothing like I would get before the minocycline. There have been times where I have considered switching to Bactrim in an attemt to acheive even better results, but I have been hesitant.

I just returned to college about 3 weeks ago, and this past week or so I've had a pretty serious breakout of cysts on my chin. I developed 3-4 pretty bad cysts that I haven't experienced since before starting Minocycline. I was sick with the flu this past weekend so I was thinking I did miss 2 doses from vomiting, but I don't think this would cause a breakout this severe. I was wondering if you think I should switch to Bactrim, or would that be jumping the gun a bit? My biggest concern is that I would get worse before the bactrim could take full affect, but I have also been told that the bactrim would pick up right where the Minocycline left off? If anyone has experience with this switch, could you shed some light on your experience? I'm concerned that I may be making a switch a bit fast here, but I also don't wana put off switching to bactrim if it will be more affective against these cysts. Also, I am not allergic to sulfa drugs and I have never had any side affects from antibiotics.

Leme know what you guys recomend I do. Any input is greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys!

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