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Can Anyone Relate?

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I have the weirdest condition, and it's really driving me crazy. I have had so much other junk in my life I've gotten solved....and I'm sooo desperate to fix my skin condition which has been going on for years now. I wonder if there's anyone out there who has a similar allergic response, since I have not found someone. Sorry in advance for what promises to be a lengthy post.

I'm a 22 year old male and I had mild to moderate acne when I was much younger, but for my my late teens I was pretty clear and used little to no products to maintain that. But in the last few years, and I don't know exactly when it started....I started noticing bad breakouts on my back and face which were like acne but would seem very inflammatory. In their later stages they would look like acne that had faded....but upon first coming out had this mean, red immune system response look to them. The thing is I had so much other personal drama going on that I didn't really do anything or try to get to the bottom of it...all I did was treat the symptoms with BP which kept things from looking disastrous. I slowly, with the help of my skin care therapist girlfriend, considered the role diet could play.

Eventually, through trial and error, I realized that I am having responses to almost every food! Dairy, sugar, many forms of alcohol, processed foods, etc...many things I don't even know. If I eat an offending substance...within hours I'll have inflammation, redness, and a few bumps that are like zits but not quite...they may even bleed on their own... and they are often in places I would never normally get acne. I eat out quite a lot with friends, family etc...and feel imprisoned to try to pick what I can have and make the right choice.

I had an allergy test with the best allergist in NYC....no food allergies according to them...I never had any food allergies to anything growing up or when I had adolescent acne. If I eat a caveman, survivor diet (tuna, apples etc) and never eat out or try any foods that have any substance that is not the most basic in the world I stay 100 percent clear. I don't even need to wash my face or body and I stay clear. So it's clearly not acne, but an immune response reaction. The problem is it's to EVERYTHING. I can literally FEEL the itching as it comes out hours after eating something wrong...then the bumps...and they do fade quickly and it's not horrible acne bad...but it's extremely frustrating.

Because I don't have a standard allergy (I accept I could have sensitivity or intolerance though), and I don't know exactly what will break me out (my girlfriend recently gave me a Mangosteen juice which broke me out bad as I'm writing this now, even though Mangosteen pills can help me), it puts me in an awful position of not knowing how to treat this. I have been to a derm recently 'highly recommended' who was useless and said she never heard of what I was talking about. I have another appointment Monday with my old derm and if he can't help I'm ready to give up. I have tried numerous anti inflammatories like Mangosteen...Tumeric...Quercetin etc....all helped barely to reduce the symptoms but nothing major and definitely not preventative. I went on Prednisone which is shocking for you...I know...worked somewhat but I would probably need higher doses than I was on to really work and I wasn't willing to do that. It also was clearly suppressing the problem (I would get smaller bumps that would go away in a couple hours), rather than curing it.

I wish I just knew what it was; nothing and I mean nothing applies to me. Leaky gut syndrome would make sense, but I don't have digestive problems. There's always a but...I feel afflicted with this rare disease that no one understands lol.

What's sad is I'm a pretty good looking guy and even have been asked to model/act. I have had a lot of misery in my life on a personal level and now I have great opportunities I can't even take advantage of because of my f*cking allergic reaction to everything.

Can anyone relate to this? Is there ANYTHING I can take that could be effective which would allow me to eat a little bit less restrictively? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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