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not about acne but need help!

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Hey all!

I am an acne scar sufferer like many here, but now I have a new problem. I have an ovarian tumor, which is 99% benign, but I am still very scared to have surgery! I go in Friday at 6 am.....46 hours AHHHH!!!!!

I am of courese scared about having cancer but my tumor looks completely benign and has passed all tests with flying colors thus far. But ti be honest, I have alot of scars and keloids on my back, and I am so embarrassed to have to be naked in front of a whole room of surgeons and nurses! I know they see shit all the time but it really sucks!

Anyways I just needed to vent. I am trying to stay positive but this has all been such a pain. I am always so depressed about my scars, and now I have been having stabbing abdominal pain for three months and find out I have a tumor! But I guess beningn cysts and tumors are actually pretty common in young women.

ANyways anyones thoughts or surgery stories of their own would be so welcomed! You guys are a great group!

Thanks and take care in your own hardships!

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Aw, I'm sorry to hear about that... really don't worry about nurses and surgeons looking at your back. Have you ever seen one of those programmes where they show the weird things that people get stuck inside themselves? (money in uteruses etc.) Seriously biggrin.gif

Anyway, take care and good luck smile.gif

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Hey best of luck, dont worry bout docs/ nurses looking, remember these people operate on 90 year olds and stuff, im sure your way more attractive than what they generally deal with!

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dude..i think they'll be more interested in saving your life than the way your back looks....

I had surgery once on my leg...now i got a bunch a metal down there..looks like no MRI's for me ever....

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