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I Am Clear For Now.

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i am 22 now and i have had acne since 16. i have very very oily, dry, scaly skin. what helped my face the most was probably going to the steam room and sweat out everything out of my pores. i went everyday for about 2 weeks. i would take a shower, go the steam room until i was sweating profusely then rinse off in the shower then i would put on jojoba oil with vitamin e oil. i felt like the jojoba oil hydrated my face while the vitamin e oil softened my skin which was dry. then i stopped going to the steam room and rarely washed my face only putting on jojoba/vitamin e oil mixture on my face at night. when i have the oil on i gently run my fingers across my face to slough off the dead skin cells then i take a napkin and soak up all the oil on my face as if it were a blotting paper. then i would reapply the oil mixture. and somehow it has been keeping me clear.

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hey man congrats on finding your method that works for you! ive heard wonders of steam rooms. that was probably your key! your pores were opening up and pushing out all that crappy toxins in your face. the reason why it workeds i more than likely because the steam forces them open so quickly and gets right to the point rather than when you use cleansers that take weeks to clean deep into your poors. ive heard wonders of vitamin e oil as well to repair your skin. also the sweat may have helped alot with screating a stronger acid mantle on your face to fight off the bacteria naturally. good job bro! thanks for the insight!

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