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Hi all,

Im new to this website, but not new to acne and blemishes etc ohmy.gif(

Ive had it since i was about 15ish i guess. now 19. i live in the Uk and came accross the regiem. I'll skip to the point that it has worked. it hasstopped the amount of breakouts and helped my skin.

Heres what i do.

Shower, use "Garnier pure face wash" - good sylic acid fash wash. just fingers, bout 20 secs or so

then pat dry (following the regiem!)

then when dry completely applying 2.5 benzol peroxide. Over here in the UK you can either get "on the spot" by OXY, which is about 4.89 (no thanks...) or what i use is "PanOxyl" - white tube, bout 3.10 for 40g from tesco's pharmacists or the gernal pharmists.

I then use (when dry) "Simple rich replenashing moisturiser" This stuff is great, smooths out my skin and takes away all the dryness etc.

Now.. I am doing ok with this, but still have the previous marks from past breakouts and a little scaring in places..

This is very upsetting when going out in public and realising that your partner has to look at this all the time ohmy.gif(

My doctor has helped me, and im now trying after a topical solution (which DIDNT work!) another anitbiotic called "Erythromycin" (packaged "Zineryt")

Do you guys know anything about this anti biotic? has anyone used it?

many thanks in advance.. this website is a great place to not feel so alienated from people, that im not the only one..


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i was on zineryt for a while, don;t think it really did much, and made my face very greasy :S

the topical solution isn't really an antibiotic, even thoujgh it does contain an ammount of Erythromycin which i've also taken orally as a tablet, (this was after useing hte zineryt)

in my opinon bp is by far better than zinerty.

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Thanks for your help.. ive tried it today, and its made my skin feel weird, just like the first slightly burning sensation when the BP has dried and u apply a moisturiser..

I am also askign where i can go to remove the previous marks / slight scaring? i read about microabrasion on this website - is this any good, like a facial i guess. has many people had luck with this? where cud you get it done in the uk, how much is the damage?(£!)..

thanks again..

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hi spiritualised im live in london and i used that oxy on the spot thought it was crap,do you recommend that panoxyl,i think it is ?

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the sa wash will fade the spots, but it takes time, maybe a lot of time. that's the gentlest way to go, other than that peels work great, but it may be difficult finding a strength that your skin can tolerate on the bp. i recommend professionel help here. i use a wash called Clear Logix which for me helps fade spots fast, it has sa, glycolic, vit e, and retinol (vit a), i find this cleanser works much better than anything else. i haven't tried the one you are using but i have tried clean and clear, neutrogena, avon, phisoderm, proactiv, etc, etc, etc, and truly this is the only cleanser i love. you can get it online at cosmeticmall.com, or maybe where you are it can be bought at the store. also this really helps (so the threads say) Herbal Logix scar and spot creme, i think that's what it's called. i use the clear logix sa creme when i have a spot a couple times a day and in about a week it will be almost gone. good luck.

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ps, i also use differin, probably 4-5 times a week at night, not bp, unfortunately my skin gets so dry on bp i can barely move my face...glad it works for you though!

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