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Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion

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Ive been using this product for a couple of days now, morning and night. After applying this to my face, it feels somewhat sticky. Is this normal? Also, when I shake it up before I use it, it is very watery; is that normal?

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yeah that sounds right. my derm prescribed me this stuff to use on my chin for the under the skin bumps that i cant seem to get rid of. its been a few weeks so hopefully it starts working soon. i have noticed it is very watery and takes forever to rub in.

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i started taking birth control ortho lo for birth control purposes not to cure acne. I had very mild acne and after two weeks being on bc i broke out in severe cystic

acne on my jawline and cheeks. im talkin the hard ones that take forever to heal and leave a nasty mark. i didnt want to get off bc cause the doc told me its my

hormones changing from the bc, so switching bc's wouldnt help. so she prescribed me clindamycin lotion in conjunction with benzamycin. i have sensitive skin so i knew the benzamycin would prob dry my skin out horribly. so what i did was start out using once a day instead of twice. i wash my face with my normal face wash in the morning followed by my moisturizer and then my makeup. at night, i wash my face with my wash, put on a thin layer of clindamycin on my face and i mean just a dime size. then

i spot treat my acne bumps with the benzamycin. after it dries i apply a thin layer of moisturizer. this helps it from drying out and i noticed a difference overnight! my cystic acne was no longer red, inflamed and i could feel them going down. my smaller pimples were also smaller and disappearing. after a cpl days of getting my face use to the new regimen i bumped to twice daily as prescribed. i only use the benzamycin at night so it wont overdry. Using a moisturizing lotion was the key to not letting my face dry out. the people who complain about overly dry skin turing flaky and nasty are prob using too much, too often and not using a moisturizing cream/lotion. ive only been using it for three days now and my acne is pretty much gone. the lotion should be thin and somewhat watery but should not leave a white film. its a little sticky for a few min after first applying but then dries.

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Yeah it's supposed to be sticky, it's a funky lotion that looks and feels like cold jizz.

Here are some tips:

keep it someplace dark and cool

shake well before use

wait 30 minutes after washing your face before you apply it

put it on at night and wash it off when you get up the next day. The stuff can leave a funky residue and more importantly we don't want to get any in your mouth, so wash that stuff off before milk dribbles down your chin and turns your cereal bowl into a toxic waste pit.

I am not sure if you need cleanser or if just plain water is enough to wash it off. I use cleanser just to be safe but water would be better to reduce dryness and irritation -- anybody here know about about this? I might have to make a seperate thread about it

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