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Fixing My Posture Cured My Backne

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I just wanted to share this with you guys.

Since I was a teenager I have suffered from chronic backne on my back, chest ass and upper back legs. Nothing I did made any difference. (although a complete vegan diet did slow them down a bit) scrubs, medication, topical cures, vinegar, extreme diets - nothing worked

I also suffer from medical issues surrounding an undiagnosed slight knee dislocatiion that was wrecking my posture. In my mid 30s and I have a curvy spine, wonky knees, a collasped hip and a chronically tight and twisted neck. life is not fun!

However i got irritated with being bummed out at the impending hip replacement so I took matters into my own hands and decided that I wanted to sort this out. SO i got into yoga and pilates and got a strong core. then i learned about self accupressure and techniques to hold posture and now I have straighted out my leg, my hips hold straight. im back to 6'1 again (was 5'11 for a bit there) and im pain free. and most interestingly. the day i got my leg straight and my spine uncurved was the day of my last backne pimple.

Getting straight on my feet i noticed the texture of my skin on my back and chest had changed. it was smooth and elastic and soft like the skin on the rest of my body. It also seemed to now have a similar tension (pinchability) to the skin on the rest of my body. and the backne stopped dead.... not even once since.

i dont know if it was the releif of pressure on my liver/kidneys which improved the immune system or perhaps a change in tension of my skin which made the difference but man am i happy.

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OH MY GOD. THIS. I have scoliosis (curved spine) and now that you mention it, I remember that my bacne problems surfaced just around the same time my curved spine problems did. I more or less resigned myself to the scoliosis but now I'm super inspired to straighten out my spine. :D

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Hey Geronimo. It's good to hear about your success. Could you share the exercises you did/do? (or some good online material)

I must to get rid of my bad posture and heal my spine.


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I have scoliosis but never had body acne problems. While I congratulate you on your clear skin, I question the idea that straightening your spine would cure widespread body acne. But congratulations anyway.

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