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Tea Tree Oil And Bacterial Resistance?

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Does Tea tree oil really cause bacterial resistance? I have been using bp 5% for over a year at night only, it helped big time, my face was smooth and not so oily, but it bleached lot of my facial hair and I started getting wrinkles and scars even in a places where I didnt have acne, pitted scars. I probably damage my skin more cause I rarely used any moistruizer (oily skin). I am bp free less than month, last week I started using diacneal but I doubt its effectiveness.

And now, I am considering tea tree oil cause I heard some positive things about it, and its natural. Does any of you used tea tree oil for long time, how much side effects do you experienced and can you name them? I stumbled upon this http://ihdg.proboard...ay&thread=68576 and I was like sad.png lol.

Does someone know something about this, is it really true?

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screw it, i am using bp again, next year i will probably have face like bryan (from tekken) and beard like santa lol.gif

23 years old santa bryanboogie.gif

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I actually wanted to know about this, too. But I can tell you about my experience with TTO. I LOVE it. I haven't heard that it causes bacterial resistance, but that doesn't mean it doesn't. It is, hands down, the best spot treatment I've ever found. I used BP for years, and it worked really well. But I stopped using it because I hated putting so much of that stuff on my face every day. You HAVE to dilute the TTO if you decide to use it. It's extremely strong and even if you don't have sensitive skin, it will sting, dry your skin, and even causes painful lesions. I recommend diluting the oil (about 3/4 water, 1/4 TTO) and smoothing that over your face. Some people follow that will Jojoba oil which I am thinking of trying. Even though TTO is an oil, it definitely dries out your skin so be careful. A little goes a long way. Oh, but if I'm using it for spot treatments, I don't dilute it and just stick a q-tip in the bottle and apply directly to the pimple. Good luck!

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