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Too Many Supplements?

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I just ordered some more supplements on Amazon and I want to make sure that I am not taking to many at once.


1000MG Fish Oil

30MG Zinc

1000MG Coconut Oil

500MG Turmeric


1) Is this to many different supplements at once?

2) Am I taking to little/to much MG of anything?

3) The probiotics i ordered say "Fermented Soy". Is that bad in a probiotic? Ive read many bad things about soy in general...]


I have cystic and inflamed acne.


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Well, first off: do you know what your body's needs are? Have you gone to a nutritionist or doctor that has said you are deficient in something? If not, I'd suggestion seeing a chiropractor/nutritionist, they would know more than most other nutritionist. -Atleast from my experience. Also, I would just recommend you change your diet. It is a lot safer, especially when you do not know where your body is at, where it's deficiencies are. Too much zinc messes up your copper levels which can leave you crippled. Taking a probiotic is usually fine, but then again, it can also cause an imbalance that could also disrupt you digestion. (too much of anything is bad for you for that reason: it causes an imbalance) Fats: you need fats in your diet, but I would suggest eating fish one to two times a week, and coconut no more than a few times a week. Any more than that can cause circuclation problems with both, because too much poly and monosaturated fats cause an imbalance, because your body needs a whole chain of fats (poly and mono fats are not whole), so even though those fats are necessary in our diet, too much can also cause problems, and same with the saturated fat in the coconut. Those fats are good for our diets, we do need different types of saturated fats (not all saturated fats are the same), but it's good in moderation. Just change up your diet. If you are concerned about have a deficiency in zinc, then look up foods high in zinc and adding them into your diet. And there are plenty of anti-inflammatory foods to choose from if that's why you are choosing tumeric, plus tumeric is also a seasoning that you can add into your foods. It is mostly found in indian and asia cooking, and the mustard we put on sandwhiches (that's what gives it the yellow color).

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