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Redness During Exercise

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Hi guys, so I'm not sure if this is acne-related or not, but during exercise my face flushes really easily. Not only that, but for some reason, it flushes more when I stop exercising (just for a few seconds) and take a break. That may be normal, but also my face will get very red if I simply bend my head over just a little bit, and when I take my head back up it stays red for a little while. Is there anything I can do to stop this or at least make it not as bad? Because when I say my face flushes, I mean it gets REALLY unattractively red and blotchy-looking. And it's not just my cheeks like most people, it's my whole face, and the reddest part is my forehead and then my cheeks.

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Hi Daphne. I'm not sure how many products you're using but I would say this may be product related. If you use a lot of products for your skin i.e -cleanser,toner,moustiouser plus ohers your skin will not hold on to its natural oils and PH Balance. This all being said however-you shouldn't stop using a product that keeps your acne at bay just because it makes your face red during exercise. Let me explain.

People who suffer from acne almost always over evalutate their skin. So-the minute your face goes red you think 'crap. I'm doing something wrong and I must change my products'. Don't! Many people go red after exercise. It is simply the blood reaching the surface of your skin. Think about how many athletes or sports people you see on TV who have that healthy, flushed glow.And they have normal skin!

Exercise has been proven to cause a slight redness afterwards of people who suffer from acne prone skin. But-exercise is great fot the over all condition.

I would say keep exercising, forget you get red for a bit- smile, splash your face with cold water and enjoy the adreniline buzz!

hope this helps


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