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Help, I'm New To The Regimen

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I'm new to the whole acne.org regimene. I've been doing it for about 1-2 weeks. Personally i haven't seen a huge improvement yet, however, i'm hoping that i will eventually see some improvement. I've ordered dans products but have not received them yet ,so as of right now i am using cetiphil cleanser and moisterizer with some jojoba oil as needed. I also have been using BP 2.5% that nutrogena's line offers. At first I was really dry and flaky, now i'm not so flaky and dry anymore, it's nothing that the moisterizer and jojoba oil can't cure. BUt i've tried the AHA and it's making my skin SOOOO ITCHY!!! Like i had to wash it off becuase i couldn't keep my hands off my face, and it seems that it's really clumpy, as when i do rub my face where it was itchy, it was almost like my skin was coming off. I was just wondeirng, is this normal? Can i just leave it on for a half hour or so and then wash it off or do i need to leave it on over night?

Somoene please help.

How long will it take for my products to get to me, and how long before i see results, i am so embarresed to even be seen in public, and i'm 29 years old i hate this acne, i need someone to help me please.

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Well, I remember my first weeks.. My face looked like crap. It was extremely dry, flaky, red and I couldn't even laugh, because it hurt! What you're experiencing is totally normal. Stick to the regimen precisely, apply everything very gently and the most important - be patient! I'm on my 6th week and things are going so much better! I saw the major improvement at week 3-4.

By the way, I don't recommend you use AHA on first weeks. Your skin still isn't used to BP, so AHA just will make things worse. Try to use AHA after 3-4 weeks depending on your skin's sensitivity.

Hey, and held up your head high! Acne will go away, sooner or later. Don't panic and stick to the regimen. smile.png Good luck.

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Well, one thing I have to say is that i feel like my skin is already used to the BP becuase it's really not that dry, not anything that the moisterizer with a lil jojoba oil can't take care of. I just hope that it works, i've had the worst acne of my life the past 3-4 months and i don't know why all of a sudden i've broken out and it wont go away :( I just hope this works, i wish it would go away now, i hope it doesn't take forever to work, i really don't want to wait another 2-6 months for relief. I just want to be normal again :( I'm embarressed to be in public.

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