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Looking In A Hand Mirror Helped My Emotions

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So yesterday I was feeling really depressed about my skin. I have always been frustrated about my skin because I never knew exactly why it looks so bad even though I only have like 1 small pimple currently. I was so extremely depressed yesterday that I went to my garage and cried in the middle of the night because I couldn't sleep since I was stressed out about my skin. But, when I went back to my room I saw a hand mirror. It's the kind that is two-sided and one side is regular and the other side zoomed in. I used it to examine my skin in the shadow and in the light, in different angels and on both sides of the mirror. I studied my skin for what seemed like an hour. Then I finally learned a lot about my skin and why it looks so ugly. I now know what my skin really looks like in detail, and got rid of the fear I have to look close up in the mirror. It makes me feel like my skin is not so bad, because I know what treatments I can do for certain skin issues.

I know what is wrong with my skin now and can finally research what skin treatments will help. Before I was totally unsure and frustrated about why my skin looks so bad.

Then I felt really accomplished and relaxed about my skin. I was able to go to sleep and not worry so much about my skin. Now that I know what is wrong with it, I feel so much better and feel like my skin is not that bad and can be fixed now that I know my problems. It gives me a sense of hope. Before I was hopeless because I just thought of my skin as "bad" and could never visualize it being fixed. Now that I know what precisely is wrong with my skin, I can actually research treatments for each problem and imagine it being fixed.

Just thought I would share how looking at my skin in detail, has helped me feel better about my skin.

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wow, its interesting that looking at your skin close up helps, i feel worse knowing that i still have a long way to go before my skin is perfect... but good for you haha :) its great that you found something that helps you emotionally

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Okay. You have one pimple. Others with moderate to severe acne would find it difficult to examine their skin at a close distance. How would staring at scarring or acne make you feel better?

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