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Supplements, Sleep, And Exercise

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I took a break from acne.org for almost a year, but I wanted to come back and keep a more holistic log that wasn't as focused on just Daniel's products. The Regimen definitely reduced my acne (from moderately severe to quite mild), but I still experience breakouts and other problems even when applying BP religiously 2x/day. My skin is ultra sensitive...

I thought I'd share what I've been doing and what changes I'm making for this year!

Oh yeah, this is really long:

Daily Routine:

(The cleanser, benzoyl peroxide (BP), moisturizer, jojoba oil and AHA+ I refer to are all acne.org products.)


1. Wash: Wash face with hot water. Lather and apply cleanser (not a specific amount, maybe a thin quarter size in my palm - I keep the cleanser in a separate bottle from the original packaging) for 15 s. Rinse off with hot/warm water. Finish with 3-10 handfuls of cold water (depends how I'm feeling, heh). Pat dry with towel.

2. Treat: Apply 10-20 drops jojoba oil on face/neck (for me, this is a must because my skin gets terribly dry after washing and the jojoba oil really helps soothe my skin before BP). Wait 10-15 mins. Apply thin layers of BP all over face (again, no specific amount, I go with my gut nowadays). Wait 20-30 mins. Apply moisturizer. Allow it to soak in. Apply moisturizer again in certain areas if necessary.

3. Protect: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I use lots of it. Yum, lookin' so oily everyday. =) Also, don't forget sunscreen. Who am I kidding, though, I hate sunscreen. >__< I don't use it most days because I can't for the life of me find a suitable sunscreen. I know it's terrible to go without, but, but, but... any sunscreen I use = more pimples. See 'Other Products' section for more.


1. Showering: Hot shower (can't stand the cold...). If after exercising, cleanse face quickly with a dab of cleanser. Finish cleaning hair/body. Wash hands with antibacterial soap and gently scrub face with circular motion to remove flakes (there's debate about exfoliation, but if I don't do it at least 1x/day, BP application is ridiculous and it'll ball up after drying). Use cleanser on face for 15 s. Rinse. Turn off shower and finish with at least 3 handfuls of cold water to face, from faucet.

2. Treatment: Take same steps as above.

3. Extra: I can sometimes use the moisturizer as an eye cream, but my eyes are quite sensitive. I've been using jojoba oil around the eye area recently, until I can convince my mom I need an eye cream, hahaha. I also used to use AHA+ every night, but have reduced it to 1-2x a week. I don't use much at all. Maybe a 1/2 pea size for my cheeks/chin/forehead. I don't always get everywhere, but focus on where I have hyper pigmentation/scarring.


1. My routine has a ton of downtime, so it takes forever. I'm slow at applying BP, and it takes longer to dry (but also feels nicer going on) since I have a thin layer jojoba oil beneath it. But I find that being careful and taking your time is better than being too aggressive or wanting to hurry things.

2. I don't wear makeup. It makes me breakout no matter how good it's supposed to be for acne-prone skin. I feel my skin is too sensitive to have anything more resting on it for the whole day!

3. I REFRIGERATE MY BP. Try it. It feels nice 'n' cooool during application, even if only for a little bit.

Other Products:

Sunscreen: I can't use anything with avobenzene (= definite breakout). Octinoxate also seems to cause me trouble sometimes.

The best I've found (and tried) is Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion SPF 15 for sensitive skin (recommended by Dan, although there were some reformulation problems or something??). It makes me shiny, but has a nice white tint that I like. Some people think it's ghoulish, but I'd rather look a little whiter because my face is usually darker/redder than my neck/body. =(

I'm also eyeing Dermalogica Oil Free Matte Block SPF 20 (here) or even better, Dermalogica Super Sensitive Faceblock SPF 30 (here). The reviews seem good, even from those with acne/redness/etc. I might order it and try it out sometime soon... but huh, it's a bit pricy... like most skincare products, eh...

Redness Relief: Eau Thermale Avene Redness Relief Soothing Cream SPF 25 for sensitive skin is decent. I had to order online. It flakes up and dries out, especially as time goes by, but if I super moisturize before applying it and then pat gently with my hands, it can look OK. I've used this cream a few times Dec. 2011 and this Jan. 2012, because it does help a bit with redness and doubles for a sunscreen. But, like everything I put on my face... it gets oily/shiny quickly and the white tint that I really like (it gives me some coverage) eventually fades and actually ends up making my face an off-pink with greenish undertones. It looks really weird in certain lighting? It's alright for pictures with flash, but still... oily + oily + oily.

Oil Blotting Sheets: I'm ordering oil blotting tissues for daily oil control. They're the Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens from Sephora, but I got them fromAmazon. Will update.

OK, now to the real point of keeping this blog:


Water/Tea: I drink it. And I'm gonna drink lots of it this year. I don't keep track of daily intake, but I know I drink a decent amount. I realized even slight dehydration gives me headaches and makes me feel sick. I'm going to stay hydrated. I use a water filter. I also have a bunch of decaffeinated green tea, white tea, and ginseng tea packets that I plan on getting at soon.

No Dairy: I still eat cheese sometimes, but lately I've been switching over to soymilk and rice milk, veggie cheese, etc. I've actually come to dislike cow's milk. I don't see what's so fantastic about it. Then again, I hear debates over soy, too... a lot of the time I have no milk or liquids other than water in the fridge, anyway.

Reducing Sugar/Sodium/Junk Food: I ate my last piece of chocolate today. I'm not going to completely avoid these foods at all times, but I'd like to severely cut down on how much sugar and sodium I consume. Compared to the average American, I'd say I'm doing fantastic, but for my personal satisfaction, I want to get more of my sugars from fruits and eat less salty meals.

Reducing Carbs: I love rice, pasta, and bread, but I'm going to pay more attention to ingredients and try and avoid refined or enriched flour, gluten, and sugar/salt (which I've seen as a 2nd or 3rd ingredient in bread many a times). Currently I have brown rice 3-4x/week, though I eat it everyday over breaks when I go home. I'm going to try adding vegetables, chopped onion, or beans to my rice to make it a bit more nutritious. =)

Reducing Meat: I've never been much of a meat-eater. People often think I'm a vegetarian (I'm not). =) I do enjoy beef sometimes. I want to eat meat sparingly, buy more organic, and eat more fish. I love canned mackerel, but should probably buy it and prepare it myself so there isn't so much salt/seasoning.


The asterisks indicate how often I take each supplement or how important they are to me in my diet at the moment.

****L'il Critters OMEGA-3 GUMMY FISH (with vitamins A, C, D, E, Omega-3, ALA and DHA, flaxseed oil) ---> This is actually for kids, but I take the recommended dosage (2) every morning. They taste pretty good. I like that the % daily value isn't excessive. The highest is 25% for vitamin C, so sometimes I grab another 1-2 later in the day.

****Kirkland Signature Natural Omega 3 Fish Oil (1000 mg fish oil concentrate + 300mg Omega-3 with EPA and DHA) ---> Unlike the gummy fish above, this is ONLY fish oil. I stopped taking it for a while, but have started back up. I take 1 either at lunch or dinner, if I can remember (sometimes I get lazy). The dosage is 3x/day, but I already take the gummy fish, so I don't want to overdo it.

*One A Day Teen Advantage Complete Multivitamin for Her ---> I take this sparingly. If I forget supplements for a day, I'll grab one of these. But I think the % daily values are too extreme. I don't need 200% of such and such. I know the "recommended" daily values are questionable on these bottles, but there are definitely certain vitamins and minerals I don't want to overdose on. So I only take this a few times a month, maybe, or not at all. This bottle will probably expire before I get through it.

***Vitafusion Multivites Gummy Vitamins for Adults (200% Vitamin D was it's selling point, I guess) ---> This is a typical multivitamin. I like that this has vitamin D. Again, I don't know if that much is necessary, but I hate the sun and try to avoid it, so I need my D, especially on weekends where I become a serious homebody! The dosage is 2, but I take 1 every morning (which also cuts the %s in half I assume, so 100% vitamin D). Sometimes I do every other morning, something like that. But at the least I take this 3x/week.

**Pronutrients Fruit & Veggie Phytonutrient Supplement (with calcium + grape, carrot, plum, blueberry, tomato, raspberry powders/extract) ---> I saw this at CVS and thought I'd give it a try. I figure I don't eat enough variety of fruits/vegetables even though I'm trying to change that now, so hopefully this will give me some benefit as a supplement to my efforts. The bottle only has 50 tablets, so to preserve it I'm taking 1 every other morning.

**/*Sundown Naturals Ultimate Probiotic Formula Acidophilus (2 billion active cultures) ---> I recently read about probiotics and the relation to acne. Perhaps it's a stretch, but why not give it a go? It'll calm my digestion and be good for my gut, at the least. I take 1 every day or every other day.


Cardio 3x/week (at least). that means if I'm super busy I can do 1 day of the week + Sat + Sun, though I'd like to stretch it out more. I'm trying for exercise on Tues, Thurs, Fri, and either Sat or Sun. We'll see how that keeps up through the school year. Mostly I just alternate walking/jogging/quick sprints, but want to eventually incorporate more stretching/yoga type techniques, dumbbells, and ellipticals.

Working up a sweat feels pretty good on some days. Music and a nice jog does seem to calm my skin after a good showever, even if only for the night and morning after. I'm really hoping that in the long run, exercise will tighten up the skin on my face, improve circulation, and reduce acne. In general, exercise is an important part of being healthy and is a great way to reduce stress, so hopefully all of that contributes to keeping me clear.


I'm shooting for at least 6 hrs. a night. If not 7-8, and then as much as I want on weekends (without being too lazy).

1/3/2012: So I've been taking my supplements. This is probably day 2 or 3. I also went grocery shopping and picked up bananas, apples, cabbage, lettuce (for salads), spinach tortillas, tomatoes, and black beans. I'm hoping I can keep up this variety and not revert back to eating pita with hummus or rice for every meal.

I also went for a treadmill jog with two short walking breaks for a of total 3.5 miles + running outside for 0.5 miles. The run was nice; after washing and settling in for the night, my skin looked a bit calmer. Also, I used the Avene cream and it didn't seem to break me out, maybe only a little irritation because I had it on while exercising.

Skin: A little red. 2 active pimples, but they look like they'll go away within this week. Some red marks/patches splotched about, especially on my chin/around lips.

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Hey, I really enjoyed reading your thread here. I actually have been doing similar things as you lately. My skin is now 100% clear do to the lifestyle changes that I have made. I follow a strict regimen that I put together. It consists of probiotics, multivitamins, and fiber supplements. Check out my thread and possible incorporate some of the things I use into your regimen.

Thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/309169-regimen-that-cleared-up-my-cystic-acne/page__fromsearch__1

Good luck!


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Hey! :-) I too also enjoyed reading your thread. I'm going to ask my parents if I can order Dan's regimen to try. My skin at the moment is ridiculously bad and I seriously want to get rid of it. I'm trying to cut back on dairy food too actually. No more hot chocolate and cereal with milk anymore... I do think it makes a difference, but it's just such a pain in the bum trying to stick to it all the time. Now, about the oil problem you're having..... I heard about this cream from Murad that acts like a moisturizer but is also an oil controller. You should try it out, maybe it wont break you out (like you said about many other products).

I've got oily skin too but I wear makeup so blotting powder is not a problem for me.

I'm wondering about how well/quickly Dan's regimin worked for you? Redness...anything?

Good luck with your skin!

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spriorda: Thanks for reading, I'll definitely check out your topic!

siannaay: I started Dan's products 2-3 yrs. ago... results were pretty quick. There were changes within 3 wks. for me, though dealing with scars, discoloration, etc. took 3-6 months... and I still deal with some discoloration. At first, I would just do whatever Dan says to do. Don't try to incorporate your own techniques. Stick with his directions, and after a while, you can start experimenting with other things. If you're not used to benzoyl peroxide, then yeah, there will be redness, flaking. I still have that problem even today, but my skin tolerates it a bit better. Just make sure to super moisturize.

Yeah, I've heard about some Murad Matte Gel or something like that? I'm going to look into it for sure. Good luck to you, as well. =)

1/4/2012: I didn't have time to wash my face this morning, which is.... awful.... but I moisturized a ton, and so far my face is looking OK. My chin's red and there's some bumpiness/tiny whiteheads. I probably won't have time to exercise today, but I'm hoping to get to bed earlier than I did yesterday... I should set a cut-off at 12AM.

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