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Does Skin Look Worse Before Better After A Chemical Peel?

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To those who have had a chemical peel or multiple chemical peels, can you please provide some insight? I have done quite a few chemical peels from MUAC, but I still like to hear other people's knowledge and experience with peels. Is it typical for skin to look worse after a chemical peel? How long is the actual healing process even after the flaking skin has gone away? Do the peels really bring scarring to the surface making it more obvious? If so, is that permanent or how long does it stay? Can peels make pores look worse for a little while afterwards?

Let's get a discussion going. I want any information you feel like giving and any stories from experience you have. Also, before and after pictures would be really cool.

Thanks all!

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It can look worse even after the flaking, but everyone is individual in how they heal. I just used diluted apple cider vinegar thinking it wouldn't be that strong and it peeled me horribly, in that it looked bad even after it healed for awhile before going back to normal. Glycolic acid can do this too. I think lactic acids are going to be better with less irritation, and I am going to try a light TCA peel in about a week. I would say don't use glycolic if it is causing too much irritation. I have not read good things on it for scars anyways.

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Basically your going to become a shedding snake for about a week, But after that there is better looking skin underneath so long as you dont mess with the flaking skin.

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