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Accutane At Last.

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Hi guys, I'm new to this site, although I've been reading countless of topics, about getting clear and bla bla. It seems people in here knows a whole lot of things, and I've tried some of them to get rid of acne. I have been on Clindoxyl, basiron 5% / 10% (yeah, tried both), I've tried 2 kinds of peeling, some skin tonics and so on.

After a year of suffering from pimples and some red marks, I nearly gave up. But something inside me tells me to be strong, don't give up. And although there might be hope in the future since I'm only 16 atm. It could be caused by the hormones, since I'm at the teenage stage. idk.

Well, that all lead to oral treatment. I was (and still are) tired of gels and so on. So I went to the doctor and got the pills Tetracyclin Actavis.

All I archieved was mild to moderate stomach ache. And I had to poo quite often :)

So. I've been suffering from what I would call mild acne for nearly 3 years. It's nothing big, but it's still there you know, everytime you look into the mirror, it hurts. In some days I cant even look persons into their eyes? I mean, it's unbelievable how devastating it is.

Atleast it hasn't broken THAT much self esteem, but still enough.

I've read/watched blogs and Accutane journeys for a long time now. I just called my doctor today 02/1/12. And I asked for a derm visit. I know my doctor pretty well, so he said yes, even though I didn't visited my doctor (don't know if thats legal? idk). Now I'm planning which time would be the best, since I'm a little busy.

I'm thinking of making a blog out of it. With before / now / after pictures. Just to keep myself in mood aswell :)

I really think Accutane will be "the" cure, atleast for a small time. I know all the side effects, but hey. After seeing the results of Accutane, I don't even have something to consider. My only cons are; How long will it keep me clear? And how bad can the IB be?

I'll keep you updated. - Mathias

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hi Mathias, im 16 too and have severe acne, i have been taking accutane for 7 months now but at a reduced amount then i am supposed to be.

However i don't want to scare you off taking Accutane as it is a amazing drug but when I first started taking it my IB was horrendous seriouly.. i got really red persistent cystic acne all across my jaw line, I never had anything like this before and felt so down, but after a month or 2 of the Ib my face was a lot less oily and it made me think that the accutane was going to be the cure for me finally after taking loads of other drugs and things that didnt work for me, after reading what you put it seems like it is getting you down a bit and Accutane could be a good idea for you, If you are going to take it I suggest taking the full amount (unlike me) because you only have mild acne? and it is more likely to have success with you

Hope everything goes well for you.

Luke :)

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Ty for the the fast reply, I really appreciate that. Did you know about the IB before you got it during the treatment? Because I think, it's a little more easy to handle it, if you are already aware of it if you know what I mean, it's not as shocking. But what do I know, I haven't tried it yet :) Are you done with Accutane or do you go for a second treatment?

My dad also told me, that he had pimples and such at my age aswell, but that went away by time (5 years perhaps, he didn't remember). He didn't use anything for it.

I read somewhere that you can recieve it genetic from your family members. Well that makes me think, that it will go away by time, but although my fathers littlesister still have some acne and she is 36 years old. Well 2 of my friends has done Accutane with incredible results :)

Wishing you good luck Luke :)

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