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Pimples Inside Of My Ear Lobes?

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Hello all. I am new to this website,so if I am posting in the wrong area, I am terribly sorry...

So, my problem is that for awhile my earlobes tend to grow these pimples inside of my earlobes, they are basically under-the-skin pimples and have to head so I cannot pop them or anything. I've tried everything I could by putting hot water compress on it, now sometimes it would go down, but never completely away, and sometimes it would just get bigger and harder. Currently, I have two on my right ear, and none on my left ear, I did have one on my left ear a few months ago but they went away. I have tried to just leave it alone and let it go away but I've waited so long, I left it alone for like 2 months and nothing.

Now, I have looked around the web in search of what to do, people say to put hot compress (done that) and to poke it with a needle...(okay I did try that before awhile ago, but it didn't work, I know it's bad though) I also want to add that I do not think the ear lobe pimples have anything to do with my earrings or anything (I took out my earring on my right ear and nothing changed anyways) My last choice would to turn to the doctor, but I first want to know what these are and why I get them, and if there's an effective home remedy to rid of them?



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