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Cracking Skin?

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Now that the winter cold is really kicking in, my skin is really taking abuse! I have been using jojoba oil and dan's moisturizer during the day and pond's dry skin cream at night but it's just not cutting it. I had to stop using the jojoba oil because it started to break me out and I have just about run out of dan's moisturizer. I do not intend on repurchasing it as it does not moisturize my skin nearly enough. My skin is to the point where if I open my mouth too wide it starts to crack. Please suggest some moisturizers! I'm getting quite desperate. :(

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Hello peaceexlove,

I have stopped using Dans new moisturizer because I believe It made me break out. After I ordered http://albabotanica....isturizers.html It stopped.

This stuff isn't cheap but I have very sensitive skin and I don't flake, just make sure It dries first, It takes a bit longer than Dans and you don't need a lot.

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I forgot to include any of that... Oops!

Well I started the regimen at the beginning of September so I'm about to begin my fifth month on it! Of course I have made a few tweaks. I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, the Acne.org BP (two pumps) and I am in the market for any moisturizer that will hydrate my skin without causing breakouts.

I have tried:

Dan's Moisturizer (not moisturizing enough, running out and do not want to repurchase as it doesn't do that well)

CeraVe (broke me out)

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel/lotion (I have used both, neither are sufficient)

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this happened to me too when i used proactiv in the regimen for the recommended 8 weeks. stop immediately any BP, SA, or retinoid use and use bio-oil (available at CVS) morning and night until your skin is back to 'normal'. during this period, only wash with cool water and/or more bio-oil. it took me about a week to get back to where i was before that nightmare, then of course the acne comes back ever stronger from all that dryness and irritation. never let your skin get like this again. BP is not the best choice for some people. and drink lots of water and green tea!

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