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1 Annoying 'spot' [Picture]

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so, i have not been here for quite a while.... at one point i stopped "obsessing", using and trying expensive crap and only use water on my face and it improved significantly, maybe 1 spot here and there that usually is gone after a day or two (with a couple of exceptions, more later), so overall a good decision for me, my skin feels and looks so much healthier than when i was using claimed remedies which always ended in disappointment so with that being sad...

about 3-4 months ago i had a pretty big pimple on my cheek, it hurt like hell and sat there for a good 2 weeks, so eventually it sorta went away BUT left a red mark that just does not want to fade and/or go away. visited my dermatologist who tried selling me Obagi Blender 5 (like $80) have not (yet? :) purchased it, but really want to get rid of this lingering spot... any easy methods ?


thanks in advance.

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i know, i have a red mark which is lasting for about 5-6 months, but it gets lighter with time, remember using non-somedogenic sunscreen and some light peelings, such as honey mask, lemon juice. Its just one red mark, dont bother your skin too much, you might break out

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yea, well i stupidly tried Porcelana.. major redness and burning, went to derm this morning to show, he said he never seen such a bad reaction to a skin-lightener. gave me some topical and i might after all try the Obagi Nu-Derm Blender #5.

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