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Acutane - 2.5 weeks in report

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Just in case anyone was curious, I wanted to tell people how my acutane treatment was going in the early stages. I've been on 40mg acutane, twice a day for about 18 days. I've still got another 12 days before I go back in for another perscription (and another blow to my wallet). My skin type is oily/dry (nice huh?) but generally not what people would call "bad skin". I decided to get on acutane because although the benzol peroxide treatment from this site has worked wonders when it comes to the little surface pimples, white bumps, etc., you simply can't topically treat the really bad cystic acne (in my opinion). About every month or so I'd get at least one really huge, deep, painful cystic pimple that would basically put me in a depression and make me housebound for however long it took before it couldn't be seen. I'm kind of sensitive though, so maybe I'm being a baby about things...

The side effects of acutane were almost immediate. I think doctors should give you a stick of medicated lip moisturizer with your Rx, cuz my lips and the skin around it as well as the soft skin around my nose got really bad. And it still is.. so I'm walking a fine line between over-moisturizing and getting blackheads / small pimples or having my skin flake off. It isn't fun. I've only gotten 1 new pimple since starting my treatment, but that could be due to the huge change I've had to make in my shower routine. I just can't use soap on anything but my forhead anymore... too drying. On the other hand, I don't want to let surface bacteria have a fiesta on my skin so I'm forced to use some cleansers (any suggestions as to what is the perfect one???)

My mom went on acutane about 6 years ago, and since her treatment ended she went from having huge cystic pimples to being basically perfect. I've also got a buddy who said it was the silver bullet for him. So I do have hopes, but I'm aware acutane doesn't work for everyone.

I feel like I have a good shot at this working because it worked for my mom who has similar skin to me, and because the side effects are really really pronounced which makes me think *something* is going on in there.

I'll keep reporting as the weeks go on and try to be as specific as I can about what I'm doing. If anyone has any questions please give me a holla. I hope this was useful/interesting to anyone on acutane or thinking about it. As I see it, even if the results aren't permanent, and only last a few years, it is worth the money and few bad months to not have to worry about this crap for years on end.


p.s. I wanted to add that up until this treatment I've been using Tetracylcine off and on for a few years, and the only thing I've noticed having stopped taking it is that I no longer get nausia in the morning or heartburn in the evening.

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