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6 Months After Accutane And Breaking Out!, Help!?:(

Im new to this so sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot lol

Ok. So I was on accutane for 4 months, at the end of the 4 months I noticed unbelievable improvement on my skin and that lasted for about 6 months. Before this, I was happy cause I thought I finally destroyed my acne, thought it was all gone. About a month ago I noticed a couple break outs here and there, nothing to big. Eventually I ended up going to the doctors because I kept getting break outs, he ended up prescribing me, teva-doxycycline. I've been taking it now for 6 days now and have seen no improvement what so ever. If anything I'm breaking out still, I'm not sure if I have to wait longer to see improvements? I hate acne, after how bad I had it, it makes me gringe when ever I get a pimple. My acne was so bad I have a decent amount of boxcar scares. I know that I'll probably have to spend at least $1000 dollars to get taken care of, so that pisses me off cause I know they won't heal in time:(

But I was just wondering, should I go on a month more of accutane or what. I just can't live my life with these stupid pimples, it ruins me and I can't stand it. It depresses me so much. If you could reply in what I should do that would be awesome.

Notes: I'm making a doctors appointment to try to get back on accutane for a month again.

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im not getting what your saying. you were off it for 6 months before it came back? relapse is not too uncommon on accutane. Another month wont do too much, you may need a second treatment. Doxy takes a couple weeks so you wouldnt see improvement in the first couple of days.

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