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Hi everyone,

I have never posted anything before as I am more of a reader but I really want to share my journey to good skin! After reading numerous skin n health books, forums, websites I think that you can heal your skin without nasty chemiscals!

So if you are like me (a year ago) suddenly getting all these nasty spots, blaming the late teens/post teens hormones and frantically searching for over the counter spot treatments - STOP!!!! How many of these have I wasted my money on, during past year is cringeworthy!! Also cringworthy to read the ingredient lists. And here is why. THE REASON WHY YOU GET SPOTS IS BECAUSE YOUR ACID-MANTALE, THE PROTECTIVE LAYER IS DAMAGED!! And it is damaged because you use these 'commercial' harsh cleansers that claim to get rid of your spots and stop oil production. If you don't believe me, think about what your skin was like when you were a child? I bet smooth n rosey and no spots! This is because the acid-mantale was protecting your face. I bet as soon as you felt 'grown up' you started using cleasnsers and various things on your face, and that's when problems began. (This is how it was for me and I'm pretty sure most people).

Ok, what's next? Next is to RESTORE your acid mantale!!!It look me a year to realise this and now after less than a week of using the right cleanser my skin is the best it's been for a loooong time! To restore your acid mantale you must use the right cleanser. Now, only consider oil-based cleansers from now on, bin all the other ones forever!(How I wish I done that earlier).

Now, oil-based natural cleansers will not destroy your acid-mantale, however, most of them won't repair it! Apart from one (imo) - Dr. Hauschka cleansing cream!! If used properly, according to instructions, and on clean skin (remove makeup b4 use) it will help restore your acid-mantale. I can't praise this enough, my always dry skin is fine without a cream now-that is an achievement!

For those with oily skin: The reason why your skin is oily is because your acid-mantale is so damaged that you body sends signals to oil glands to compensate for that and produce oil. And then you go and strip this oil again with the likes of Neutrogena or Garnier Pure cleansers(i've tried them all) and the cycle starts again and you get spots and oily face. You absolutely must bin all of them and put oil on your face! Try jojoba as a make up remover (oil binds to oil), use a natural cream cleanser - your skin will love it!

While the above it probably the biggest reason why people get spots, that is not the only one.

Your body gets rid of toxins through obvious ways when we are in the toilet, however, sometimes that is not enough and toxins are dumped into the skin. I was so so healthy and I thought, what toxins? I don't eat anything toxic!! However, turns out I have digestion problems....and what your tummy doesn't digest turns into toxic substances floating about in your body....So if you ever been 'diagnosed' with IBS or similar, you must start healing from within. Probiotics are crucial. When 'bad bacteria' in your gut dominates you get spots or worse (like me) - gastritis...So be sure to feed your gut with lots of natural organic yougurt containing probiotics. Take probiotic supplements.

So if you think you have 'toxic overload', what now? Toxins are either water soluble or fat soluble. Flush out those water soluble toxins by drinking lots of water. Flush out those fat soluble toxins by sweating!! Work extra hard at the gym, or better go for a sauna. Don't start me on health effects of sauna here :)

If you think your acne is hormone based - pay special attention to lymphatic drainage! Lymph is an inside cleanser and those 'toxic' hormones floating about in your body will be better cleansed away by the lymph. Do body brushing religiously, contrast showers, exersise! If you can afford it go for a lymphatic drainage massage!

So these are 3 quick points I urge you to think about before trashing lots of money in Boots or Superdrug on horrible products that burn your protective seebum layer away. Invest in Dr. Hauschka and cure from within. :)

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I agree with you about the face cleaner. I recently switched to natural products for everything and have great results so far especially with my acne. Did you know that most products that froth when you use them do this because they have degreaser in them and if you havent used a degreaser before, it can actually eat through your shoes! No wonder its so bad for your face

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