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Need Help/advice

Here's an idea of what my skin looked like post-accutane 5 years ago


Today, it looks a lot better, but I still have faint, concentrated red marks and they frequently become redder after exercise, cold weather, and are more visible when I become paler in the winter months

Also, when I get a new pimple.. I typically leave it without using harsh products because I don't want to aggravate it. I aggravated my face a lot by washing with harsh soaps and it eventually got so bad that I had to go on accutane

So, yeah, when I get a new pimple, it takes a least a week to become flat, but the red mark remains

I have a feeling that I have some deficiency in my skin that causes this... I've been reading so many threads but nothing that just gives me a straight up answer. I've tried putting tea leaves on my face, lemon, etc. It doesn't do anything.

Does anyone have a similar condition? It's really annoying to have bright red marks that aren't even pimples on your face, and I don't know how to get rid of them. They just remain there for at least 6 months before fading slightly. Looking for advice, thanks

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ive got the same thing buddy i have marks on my face more than 6 years old. Granted they have faded a bit over time but still visible discolorations. I know what you mean about them looking worse in winter months as the skin is less tanned theres more of a difference between the two shades so the marks are more apparent.

If you have any luck let me know buddy.

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Thanks for the replies, gtturbo, looks like we're in the same boat.

Ugly skin disease - my skin is oily and dry... if that makes any sense. During the course of the day it's oily- I could grease the pan with it- yet if you look closely, there is dry skin in certain areas (maybe due to the winter months).

I heard something about the OTC "reversa"? Apply to areas with dry skin and spot areas? I'm looking for a spot treatment, because they're not pimples... they're red marks. I have fair skin so they're that much more visible.

Keep the comments coming!

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