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I Don't Know How To Treat My Skin


I've been feeling kind of helpless lately because it seems like my skin is only getting worse and I don't know what to do about it. I only get acne on my face but my forehead is clear. I can definitely use some advice...

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Same here! I used to get acne on my forehead but now it's always clear.

Always treat your skin super-gently.

- I gently splash my face with water before sleep, wipe it with Clndamycin (prescription wipes) and after 20 mins put a

good amount of moisturizer (I use Tea Tree & E Antiseptic Creme)

-I also put 5% Benzoil Peroxide if I have any real pimples

-I also do peach and avocado masks. They both give AMAZING results. You should try.

- I try to wash my only once a day.

That's it.

So far this gave me better results then anything else.

How do you treat your skin currently?

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What is your diet like?

I agree, diet's so important. As well what is your current skincare regimen? What have you tried in the past?

I use a gentle cleanser (korres white tea fluid cleansing gel), followed with tea topically (chamomile in the pm, green in the am). I use korres pomegranate balancing moisturizer in the morning only. Also I make my own facial mask every night using 1/2 tsp spirulina, 1/2 tsp chlorella and enough water to make it a good consistency. This little regimen doesn't clear me per say, but it helps keep my breakouts at bay, and none of this irritates my skin. The more chemicals I use, the more my skin breaks out. My skin's doing a lot better now.

Tea tree oil I find to be particularly helpful with active acne, since it's a good anti-septic.

A lot of the time clearing acne isn't a one step thing. I follow a strict acne diet (no dairy, refined sugar, low sodium, no soy, no peanuts), I supplement with spirulina and chlorella (algaes, they help a lot). It's a culmination of many different approaches to find something that solves the multiple issues that could be causing your skin to break out. Try out a variety of different approaches to see what works for you. Check out the treatment forms about topical treatments, different regimens, antibiotics, as well as holistics. This website is filled with amazing resources, reviews and opinions that could really help you out.

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i agree, following a good and strict regimen is going to help, and being GENTLE is really important. i dont have any experience with diet, but i think it never hurts to try and being healthy in general is important, im just too lazy to change my lifestyle hehe

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I used to have the same acne as yours and I tried everything & I mean literally everything but nothing worked and they ended up making my skin more sensitive and irritated.

I needed something natural so it won't be harmful. I came across Dermaforte, it's a great product. The ingredients are all natural and organic and ever since I've used it I've seen great improvement... Reduced redness, inflammation, and I noticed old acne scars of mine have faded up to 90%.

*Moderator edit - URL removed. Read the board rules*

Best of luck rolleyes.gif

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