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How Much Downtime Can I Expect From Muac 50% Glycolic

Personally for me, I experienced a "frosted" look for a day, followed by redness which got really bad the second and third day (like a sunburn). Then my face felt really tight and the skin started to wrinkle and flake off. It can peel in some places and flake off in others, it really just depends on how deep the chemicals went into the skin, and how your skin reacts to them.

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And will I peel or just flake?

It really depends on:

- How your skin reacts to it.

- How long you leave it on for.

- Whether your skin is ready for it.

Typically you start at a lower concentration, and apply for less time and build your tolerance to the acid. Everyone reacts differently. I remember sometimes peeled, sometimes I flaked, and sometimes I just went red. It really depends how much of the acid has gone into your skin. It is really trial and error and no-one can give you an answer on this.

I hope that helps

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i did a tca 12.5% from muac almost 2 weeks ago, i did my first 50% glycolic tonight. i did one layer for 5 mins then did a 2nd layer on my problem areas (cheeks) for another 5 mins before rinsing. it seems the only areas that somewhat changed color (possibly frosted) were somewhat "active" pimples. will update in a few days.

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i've hardly had any flaking with the 50% glycolic peel, maybe a little dry skin look in certain areas like around my nose, that disappears when i apply some moisturizer. it has caused a little breakout tho which i've read is common. will continue doing the peel at least once a week, i did a light peel (left on for one min) last night to try to help the breakout. stuff will literally fall out of your pores.

glycolic is good for spot treating newly forming pimples!

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