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Yasmin - Paranoid Yet Hopeful...

Today I went to see my gynecologist and she suggested I start taking Yasmin bcp to help ease my cramps. I'm 25 and I don't have sex with men, so I've never tried bcp:s before, and I'm a bit nervous about it all.

I've had PCO on and off for a while, but she didn't see any of it on the ultrasound today so I guess it's gone at least for now. My cycle is a bit irregular and I have major cramps the first 1-3 days, and PMS is pretty horrid. I'm useually very very sad, almost depressed, for about a week before my period starts, and after the first day or so of bleeding (sorry) it's like someone lifts a veil and injects strength and happiness into my veins again. So I guess I'm a classic hormone-monster.

As for acne I've had mild-moderate ever since i got my first period. Milder now, and hopefully on its way far far away, but it's a bit of a rollercoaster. It gets worse that week before my period, and sometimes I notice a slight increase mid-cyclish.

My sister was on Yasmin for about a year and never had any side effects, or at least none that I noticed. She said it made her breasts bigger, and I think her skin got better when she was on it (and after coming off it as well) but her skin was always a lot clearer than mine (and she's never been a picker, which has been my "speciality")

Since we're sisters and should be quite similar genetically, do you think i'm safe from side effects since she didn't have any?

And what are your Yasmin experiences? Can you tell if your acne's hormonal? Honestly, considering how hairy my legs get if left untended, my broad sholders, tiny breasts and how tall I am, my guess is there's a pretty good amount of testosterone going on in this body, but how do you know?

Sheesh, this is a novel. Happily hear all your oppinions/experiences!

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