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I would have never thought about worrying about acne and being in this position. Lets rewind when I was in the 9th grade, I am in the 12th grade now. Sometimes it would be small, sometimes it would be big, its the ones that have the yellow pus in them. I was OK with them cause they would go/ heal in a week or so. This simple and light acne lasted from grade 9 -mid grade 11. That's when I started realizing I started to get more "pimples" but didn't take it seriously at the time. At the time I used soups to wash my face, which is what I've been doing throughout grade 9-10, and thought that I needed to wash it better and longer since I got more pimples and that I wasn't washing good enough. Now it's summer before grade 12 and realized that my acne isn't getting any better. at this point I felt really bad with mixed emotions of frustration and constantly asked myself " Why?" I went from 90% clear skin to acne all over. At the time I still didn't take real action for change and I don't know why. It was only 2 weeks before grade 12 begins and my acne still haven't gotten better and that's when I went to see my doctor, not dermatologist, but my doctor. I asked him a few questions but he answered in things that I already knew but seeing him made me realize that I need to stop and reflect and think of solutions. Acne truly is a curse and only time can lift it. Even though my acne was never Severe, it was still bad enough. Each person can have their own opinion on their skin and we all strive for the best possible. My acne now, as of December of grade 12 has gotten a lot better and I don't get much break outs at all. All I did from September was eat right (cut out all junk food 110%), drink lots of water, and exercise. Its so frustrating that now I have a bit of scaring even though its still red but the scars are just unevenness on the area beside the nose. I'm glad what I'm doing is working, but it also kills me that it is because I keep regretting that I could have taken action and do what I'm doing now back in grade 11 to have prevent all this misery. All I can do now is hope and wait to see how the unevenness will turn out once the skin color turns back to my original color. (red to my color)

It's still frustrating that this all happened within 7 months and that prevention was possible.

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I can completely relate to your frustration.. just remember, it could be worse! My acne started when I was 14, I waited until I was 17 to see a dermatologist and receive a bunch of temporary-fix-prescriptions. Fast forward to now, I'm 26 and have tried everything under the sun. My skin has endured a lot of damage over the years. I have significant scarring/hyperpigmentation with all my skin has been through. If I would have found a solution that kept my acne under control by 12th grade as an 18 year old, I would have been thrilled! And my skin would be completely different than it is today.

I am so happy that you found something that works for you and you should be happy too! Your hyperpigmentation will fade, just savor these acne-free days and don't dwell on the what-ifs, my friend. :)

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I think for everyone it is different. For me the acne seems to come in cycles, and I am a guy so this is weird. I can be clear for a week or two and then boom, get hit with a few noticeable pimples. Only recently I started to apply this stuff called Aczone, which is used to treat fricken leprosy on top of my regimen. I notice I may still get pimples but they are extremely small and unnoticeable. I definitely think Aczone has helped tremendously with preventing the larger nodules that I used to get.

My skin has also suffered from damage. It is consistently red from the chemicals I have applied it to it treat acne and living in Florida hasn't helped matters. I honestly think living in a colder drier climate would help me, but that's another issue altogether. Oh and exercise can help in a few ways, by reducing stress levels but for me it is mostly cardio that helps. When I try to "bulk" up with weights, creatine, NO2 and all the supplements that bodybuilders take, I tend to break out. This may be because of an increase in testosterone causing hormonal acne.

So basically acne is probably caused by 100's of combinations of things, and you have to find the right course, regimen and lifestyle to treat what is causing it for you.

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