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A Great Treatment I've Found To Prevent Cystic Acne Forming

I used to peruse these boards every so often when I had back acne, and I noticed that it was mostly people desperately asking for advice and not many people giving it. I figured I come back on here and let people know a great treatment I used when I saw a huge pimple on my back coming.

I used to get huge cystic acne on my back for years and years (started when I was 16, now I'm 23 and I just got it under control). The thing about cystic zits I noticed is that you can see them forming for a day or two before they become full fledged monsters. I also noticed if you catch them in that pre-cyst stage you can prevent them from ever coming out.

A lot of people were talking about Head and Shoulders as a miracle cure on these boards, and the active ingredient in H&S is zinc oxide - 1%. I had a cream lying around around - A&D Diaper Rash cream - 10% zinc oxide. I was desperate a little over a year ago and thought why not? I threw a ton of it over a huge zit I saw coming on my shoulder. It doesn't dry so when I had to throw a shirt on a put a piece of scotch tape over it to prevent the cream from just rubbing off. I left it on for a day and when I came back the zit had not come out and looked like it was getting better. To make a long story short any time i saw/see (still get a zit looming from time to time) I do the following:

-At night glob a ton of BP on it, and I mean a ton. Wait for it to dry and go to bed.

-In the morning glob a TON of A&D ointment over the affected area, put a piece of scotch tape over it and head to work. Take off during shower.

-Repeat until affected area has cleared up.

I'm telling you this works. If you get big cystic pimples on your back and can see them coming from miles away like I could, give this a try. The stuff is like $4 at a grocery store and lasts a while.

Other general things I do/avoid:

-Dan's AHA every night before bed

-Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar after a shower during the week

-Absolutely no dairy - I've found this was the biggest factor in my acne, I haven't eaten cheese or drank milk in over a year and the results are amazing. Every so often I'll slip up and eat some bakery cookies or some dip with cream cheese - and I'll see a zit looming on my back and have to use my A&D cream for a few days. (chocolate seems to be fine for me though).

-Scotch tape method of exfoliation for my scars, though they aren't really that bad anymore. Took about a year of a relatively acne free back for me to be comfortable taking my shirt off around people. Some scars are still there but no one really cares, including me.

Give it a try and respond with results, I hope it works for other people as well! Just some last words of encouragement, after 5+ years of acne on my back with nothing but frustrating and discouraging results, I was about ready to give up and accept a life with bacne. Keep trying you will figure out something that works for you!!!

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