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Gym Peoplee In Here?

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Search this board linking terms like "exercise" and "acne" because there's been an ongoing debate about the pros and cons of exercise for acne.

I personally think frequent exercise is good. I usually shower and wash my face immediately after just to minimize the amount of time sweat stays on my body.

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I teach spin 6x/week. Sweat has never broken me out. I try to shower asap. I also blot (not rub) my face with a towel throughout the workout to minimize sweat and bacteria sitting on top of my skin. I personally think working out helps acne as it reduces stress.

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Sweat can cause a type, of acne, but not the acne you and I recognize from a crappy lifestyle.

It's also a horrible reason to avoid exercise. It's also not common. Unless you let the sweat just dry on your skin, it's probably not going to appear. Keep a hand towel handy.

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I have never broken out from sweating, I normally go swimming straight after it and that doesn't break me out either so I wouldn't worry about it

I find that going in the sauna after exercise helps my skin too as long as I don't stay in there too long smile.png

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thankss...It's because I noticed I got weird body pimples on weird parts of my body, like my behind, thigh, calf, upper back, upper arms

and it happened right when i started working out. I had bacne alonnnnng time ago but got rid of it with salicic(sp?) acid spray, and now I have it again but, it has slowly gone away since stopping going to the gym.

I'm afraid if i workout again I will get it again. Or maybe i just got the weird body breakouts because of what i ws eating at the time, which wasn't healthy unfortunately :(

I'm just going to workout tonight because it's really funny to see all the first day gym go-ers feeling guilty of what they ate of thx giving haha

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