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Getting Off The Regimen?

Ive been on the regimen for 8-9 yrs, yeas ive been 95% clear 100% if my diet is up to par, and im not super stressed. I ve been on the regimen since i was 13, and im 22 now, after alot of clothes ruined and alot of money spent on the regimen, I wanna find an alternative. Im sick of ruining all my clothes! I wont outgrow it, my dad is in his late 40's and still gets it. I have a squeeky clean diet (which does help) but the regimen has always been my main source of clear skin, even as a backup! If I have a really bad cheat meal, I know the regimen wont let it do anything to my skin.

Anyways my question is:

Is there any alternatives, would salicylic acid be a good replacement?

Im too scared to go off the regimen as i am clear..but i dont want to be trapped in creams and bp stains.

Maybe diet is strong enough to keep it at bay? IDK any ideas?

And i wont go to a derm, i feel i have way more knowledege and personal experience than they do

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:think: I know a lot about skin care but I'd never consider myself more knowledgeable than somebody who actually studied it at length and has a degree.

If you're going to continue on with a regimen of any kind, you're going to have to use creams unfortunately, unless you'll willing to try forgoing the BP in favour of an SA wash. It's something you will just need to trial yourself. Maybe try cutting back slowly on the BP and seeing how your skin tolerates it rather than stopping cold turkey? You could also slowly introduce SA to your regimen. If you start breaking out, it shouldn't be to a huge degree so you will know what's causing it.

Everybody's skin is different; some people clear by diet alone (poke around in the holistic forum if you want to go that way) and some people don't. You say that your diet helps keep you clear - I guess you know what your triggers are, then?

I have a whole linen cupboard FULL of bleached towels. :lol:

The only thing that has really helped me is Accutane... but like I said, everybody is different.

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yea i guess their more knowledgeable..but its all the same with doctors. Theyre hand in hand with the pharm. companies. So their gonna get you on the latest drug to mask a problem. Medical doctors, derms. IDK i never really trusted them.

I guess i dont mind the time i put into applying creams, cause im used to it by now, and i dont mind spending money if it does work. I just hate replacing clothes. You got that 1 favorite shirt that fits just perfect! And then it gets stained by bp!

Thats why i wanna try sa..it dont bleach, idk if it will be as effective thougheusa_think.gif

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I think there are genuine ones and there are others that are difficult to trust. Honestly, my GP and dermatologist are both trustworthy people. They're very honest and frank with me, they let me say my piece and they are happy to discuss things with me rather than just dropping things on me and shuffling me out the door. I try not to be suspicious of everybody in the world. :P

Well, like I said, wean yourself off of BP if you can and give SA a try, but don't pour all of your hope into it. I'm not saying that it won't work, of course. :) I hated the bleached clothes, too. I ruined a lot of dresses and shirts.

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Hi Chachi,

If something has worked for you for this long, I would definitely not stop. A lot of people on this site wishes they had your problem. The point is that unless you've taken accutane, your acne is definitely not "cured" per se, but being treated (in your case by The regimen). If you stop, chances are it'll come back.

As for salicylic acid is concerned, all it really does is promote your pores to open (it's really just an exfoliant). I assume "The Regimen" contains some form of benzoyl peroxide, which actually works by killing acne-causing bacteria.

Your distrust of medical practitioners is interesting. I think in general, doctors and dermatologists have an incentive for you to improve because why would you keep seeing them if your condition doesn't get better? Same with pharma companies; their products need to work for them to stay in business.

Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide, but don't be so quick to dismiss doctors (if you had cancer, you would still go see an oncologist, right?).

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You are in your early 20's which means that if you're lucky you may outgrow this by your early 30's. That is what happened for my son, although he still breaks out a bit it isn't anything awful...more just the normal stuff everyone has. If Dan's regime is working I'd stick with it until you're in your 30's and then slowly wean off and see what happens. Or you could wean off now and just see if maybe you're one of the lucky ones who has outgrown your acne after all. I would not start using another product such as salicylic acid or any other OTC products. Why? Because the test is to see if perhaps you've outgrown your acne. If you start using something like salicylic acid which for many people is actually irritating (despite advertising claims to the contrary) and then you break out you may conclude you still have acne...when in fact you do not but were instead reacting to the new product.

Try going product free for awhile. Keep a detailed journal of your progress. Start by stopping Dan's BP and AHA. But continue to use his cleanser and moisturiser...your skin is used to these products. The key here is to not introduce anything new. Continue for about 2 months and see what happens. If you start breaking out then you know your skin still needs a product like BP. Now you have a choice...go back on BP or try something new. This is when you could try the Salicylic Acid. Keep your journal.

BP is probably the most effective OTC available and the fact that you stay clear on it is fantastic. At least you know that if your trial of going product free doesn't work that you have something to go back to.

Believe me - stains on your clothing is nothing like a face full of zits...especially in your 20's!!!

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