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Music's also a big one; everybody from The Smiths to Bon Iver.

I LOVE The Smiths and Bon Iver.

It's really interesting how everyone is mentioning music, what music do you all listen to?

1. music

2. funny videos

3. something delicious

4. hopes on meds and diet

5. my mom

I forgot to mention my mom! I don't know what I'd do without her.

The Smiths and Bon Iver are my emo time music, heh. More generally, I really like a lot of Canadian indie - Broken Social Scene and basically anything Spencer Krug is a part of, especially Sunset Rubdown and Handsome Furs (I actually find Wolf Parade a little overrated), and then the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are another old favourite. But I enjoy everything from club-appropriate electronica (reeeeeemixes) to classical music (Rachmaninoff, Saint-Saens) to straight-up pop (Kelly Clarkson) to Pitchfork-approved indie (probably most of what I listen to actually) to R&B and rap like The Weeknd and these days, Frank Ocean. These days I'm obsessed with the new Florence and the Machine and Atlas Sound albums.

tl;dr music is my life yo. How about you?

I love Spencer Krug! Music like that and Arcade Fire make me really glad to be Canadian. Arcade Fire played at one of the high schools in my city, but it wasn't the high school I went to, I was so jealous.

I listen to a lot of Tchaikovsky's ballets performed by various orchestras, I think the one I've listened to most according to last.fm is Swan Lake by the London Symphony Orchestra. My other favourites are:

The National


Bon Iver

Florence + the Machine

Alexandre Desplat

Clint Mansell


Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

The Cure

Modest Mouse

Neutral Milk Hotel

Elliott Smith

The Smiths

David Bowie

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Music (long live U2, my favorite band)

This girl I like tongue.png

TV (SNL, The Mentalist, Parks & Rec, The Simpsons, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Friends)

Friends (the ones that smile and laugh with you even though you look like crap)




And most importantly... SLEEPING! :P

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You guys have a great musical taste! ;)

As for me, I listen to everything... Every genre you can think of, I'll love it.

There are so many artists and bands I love... So I'll just tell a few of what I've been listening lately:

X-Wife (portuguese), Jimi Hendrix, Charlie Parker, Linda Perhacs, Rolling Stones, Junior Boys, Nas, Prefuse 73

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Live music. Moshing makes your forget EVERYTHING while you're doing it.


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This forum! The reassurance it brings me that I am not suffering with this disease alone despite how alone I often feel with my acne fight. Also, my fiance. For some reason he wants to marry me and see my far from perfect face everyday! Even without makeup..wow, It baffles me, but I'm so grateful! Lastly, my german shepherd...she loves me day or night, fat or skinny, pizza face or clear.

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I'll second that. This website's amazing, I'm online almost everyday, it's so good to meet supportive, helpful people on here.

Music, sleeping, and taking incredible care of my skin/body. If I know I'm doing the best I can then I like to think I'm helping stop at least some breakouts.

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Talking to people, especially my family.

Cooking - my biggest hobby, i spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Right now I'm obsessed with kale and sweet potatoes.

Blogs - apart from cooking I spend waaaay too much time online reading blogs about food, cooking and baking.

And when the world's just plain misery and nothing seems to help, I turn to Nigella. Watching a few episodes of that show just makes me calm and happy, for some reason I always feel better after an hour with Nigella.

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Probably my dog, that's the only one who doesn't bother how I'm looking and is always very happy too see me. Unfortunately even my dog (which is still young, 6 years now) is being taken away from me, he is sick and soon I must put him to sleep...then I might collapse and give up.

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